Primary Goods Bedding Review

See how this revolutionary bedding set is taking sleep accessories to the next level

By Alesandra Woolley

Feb 21st, 2022

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Remember the top sheet debate that nearly broke the internet? Here’s a refresher: People took serious sides on whether or not sleeping with a top sheet was right or wrong. Top sheet enthusiasts called those who slept without one barbarians, and those who ditched the top sheet called the bedding accessory archaic. Y’all. Things got heated.

We saw pros and cons to both sides, but then we heard about Primary – the bedding company who may have just brought peace to this internet battle that was about to break an entire generation. Primary makes a top sheet that actually snaps to the inside of the duvet cover – solving some obvious challenges that top sheets bring along with them.

So we decided to try the Primary duvet-cover / top-sheet combo ourselves to see what it was all about. To sum it up – there are lots of cool things about this bedding set, but here are seven reasons why we think Primary has cracked the code on bedding.

1. You can say goodbye to the top sheet shuffle

If you’re a restless sleeper – or if you make any sort of movement throughout the night – you might wake up to find your top sheet jumbled up at the bottom of your feet. It’s annoying and inconvenient and can put you in a bad mood before your day even starts.

Primary solves this problem with a subtle, yet magnificent design: the top sheet snaps right to the inside of your duvet cover, preventing it from shuffling or bunching up while you sleep.

2. You can literally make your bed in seconds

What’s the most annoying part of making your bed (aside from the fact that you have to get out of it)? All the tucking and aligning you need to do to make it look like a 5-year-old didn’t make it.

Well with Primary there’s no tucking involved. In fact, you can make your bed with a simple whoosh of the duvet because remember, the top sheet is already snapped to it. The top sheet is also cut to fit perfectly inside the edges of the duvet, so nothing hangs over. You’ll feel like a professional bed maker and have more time to sleep in or cuddle with your four-legged fur-baby.

3. It helps you sleep cool and clean

One of the benefits of using a top sheet is that it helps keep your sleeping environment clean – your body is in closest contact with the top sheet, and it’s easier to throw a sheet in the wash than a full duvet cover. Primary’s sheets are also made with linen, which has natural hypoallergenic properties. Your sweat is actually less likely to break down linen fibers, compared to cotton.

In addition, sleeping with a top sheet can help regulate your body heat throughout the night. Primary’s top sheet, in particular, is also breathable, which prevents your body heat from getting trapped under the covers and making you sweaty. We tried it ourselves and can attest to its cooling benefits.

4. French linen will actually make you feel like royalty

All of Primary’s bedding is made with 100% stone-washed French linen. Aside from sounding really fancy, surrounding your body with French linen will make you feel like you hit the jackpot. Just by feeling the material, you know it’s made with good, quality stuff. In fact, it’s 10 times more durable than cotton and gets softer every time you wash it.

5. It’s like, really pretty

Primary’s bedding not only feels great, but it looks great too! The duvet cover comes in four different colors (as shown below) that are easy to match other bedding accessories or furniture with. Whether you prefer dark or light bedding, there are options for you.

6. You’re getting a good bang for your buck

You can purchase a complete bedding set from Primary for $349. This includes a duvet cover, fitted sheet, top sheet,  and two pillowcases. This is a fraction of what a French linen bedding set would normally cost you. And if you don’t need the whole bundle, you also have the option of purchasing individual bedding items separately.

7. The quality is guaranteed

French linen will typically last you decades, but if you ever find anything defective or not up to par with your Primary bedding, you can send an email to customer service and they’ll exchange it for you – no questions asked.

To learn more about how the Primary Goods bedding set works, take a look at our video below. To take your bedding game to the next level, head on over to Primary.