Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

By Loren Bullock

Feb 19th, 2020

Excess screen time is almost inevitable in this day and age. Spending hours in front of the computer, phone, tablet, and TV screens is nothing out of the ordinary. But what we don’t think about is the effect is has on our eyes—and more importantly—our sleep. The blue light emitted from our screens is proven to block production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. So, what can we do?

Our friends over at Spektrum have created a line of blue light blocking computer glasses called Prospek lenses, and I decided to try them out. I’ll go over the product highlights, my experience with the glasses, and whether or not they are the right choice for you.

What is Prospek?

Excessive blue light exposure can cause sore eyes, dry eyes, eye strain, macular degeneration, and (as we mentioned earlier) sleep disruption or sleep loss.

Prospek lenses are high-quality blue light blocking frames. Though they are dubbed computer glasses, they block the blue light from all screens that emit them; this includes computers, smartphones, tablets, and TV screens.

Prospek-50 lenses work by filtering out over 50% of blue light before it hits your eye. Now, I know that blocking only 50% of blue light sounds like they’re half doing it, but it is actually still great for your eyes. Prospek lenses work by blocking the harmful, high-energy blue light while still allowing you to view the screen normally through the low-energy blue light. This gives you your average screen experience but none of the strain.

Special Features

Other than protecting your eyes, and your sleep, let’s explore some of the other cool things about Prospek lenses.

Unisex Styles: Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to the Prospek blue light blocking glasses. Each style they offer works great, and looks great, on everyone.

Readers and Prescription Glasses Available: Of course we know that most people don’t have perfect sight (myself included), so you have the option to order your Prospek specs with a prescription or readers already built in. This is especially great for people who enjoy reading via tablet or phone.

Variety of Styles: Not only are these styles unisex, but they’re numerous as well. With 13 frames to choose from, you are sure to find something you like.

Our Favorite Prospek Models

prospek professional


These sophisticated frames are the model that started Prospek. The subtle design is great for students and professionals alike. You also have the option to insert readers into these lenses.

prospek frost


My personal favorite design, the Frost frames embody a classic look. The titanium frames are surprisingly light, comfortable, and durable.

prospek artist


One of the more colorful options, the Artist frames give off a vintage feel. The tortoiseshell pattern certainly makes them stand out as a fashion forward option.

prospek copper


Next, we have the Copper frames. This conservative style uses strong titanium arms and a large frame for stylish protection from blue light.

prospek dynamic


Dubbed simple and classic, the Dynamic lenses are a great fit to most face shapes. The dark rims are bold and perfect for a classroom or office setting.

Other Available Styles

prospek arctic
prospek wayfarer
prospek peak
prospek proclips
Pro Clips
prospek cateyes
prospek amber
prospek granite
prospek onyx

Unboxing and Experience

The Prospek lenses come in a rectangular magnetic box that gives you a sneak peak at your new frames. Inside, you get a glasses case as well as a lens wipe to keep your lenses clean and smudge free.

Now, here at Mattress Advisor we spend hours going over our mattress lab tests as well as researching the best new sleep products, tips and resources. All that time spent at the computer isn’t great for our eyes, and the last thing we want is for our sleep to suffer. So, trying out the Prospek lenses was a welcome reprieve from the blue light.

Upon putting on the glasses, I could immediately see a difference in the intensity of the blue light coming at me. After wearing them for a few hours, I was surprised at how relaxed my eyes were, mostly because I never realized how much I would squint in a day. These glasses kept my eyes from being sore, so I didn’t have to take screen breaks and could get more work done.

I am prone to using my phone at night to either read or scroll through social media. While I turn the blue light off on my phone, using the Prospek lenses definitely acted as a good second barrier.

Are These Glasses Right for You?

Let’s go over the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Better Sleep: Using these glasses closer to bedtime allows your body to produce melatonin naturally without you having to compromise your nighttime screen routine. No Numbered Sizes: While Prospek gives you many options when it comes to frames, you don’t know what size dimensions you’re getting before you order. It’s probably a good thing you get a 90-day free return period.
Affordable: Compared to other blue light blocking glasses that start at $80 or $90, Prospek lenses are super affordable. No Free Shipping: The price is right on these blue light blocking glasses, but there is a shipping fee. It’s not much, but it does tack on to the cost of the glasses.
Safer for Your Eyes: Not only is blocking blue light great for your sleep, it’s great for your general eye health as well. Say goodbye to eye soreness, eye strain induced headaches, and dryness. Yellow Tint: The glasses do have a slight yellow tint. It’s not dramatic or terribly obvious while you’re wearing them, but it is certainly clear to others around you that these are no ordinary lenses.


$37.95-$49.95 (non-prescription), depending on style. $129 (prescription).

What Customers Have to Say

I never realized that the light from my monitors was causing eye strain until I started wearing these glasses and noticed that I wasn't scrunching my eyes anymore. The scrunching then led to headaches which no longer happen due to these glasses. I wear contacts but noticed that my prescription glasses also have a similar filter, which leads me to believe that a filter like this makes a difference. The glasses themselves are comfortable, stylish and the arms are somewhat adjustable in case your head is smaller or larger.

- Robert B.

These are super lightweight. I got these for me and I ended up ordering another pair for a colleague after she saw my glasses. When she got hers, she said ‘I look smart’...she said the reason she stopped wearing her old glasses because they were too heavy on her nose and they would give her a headache. With these she was able to wear them all day.

- Jacqui N.

Very comfortable to wear. It usually takes me a while to adjust to a new pair of glasses. But these glasses took no time at all. I wear them at home and at work. Very fashionable too.

- VB

Purchase Experience

icon shipping
$5 for US and Canada
icon return
90-day free return policy
icon warranty
1 Year

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