Breaking Down the Puffy Mattress Warranty

Tired of reading fine print? We break down all the Puffy mattress warranty details you need to know in a quick and easy format.

By Rachael Harris

Jan 13th, 2022

Puffy offers an incredibly generous lifetime warranty for their signature memory foam mattress, starting as soon as your trial period ends. Still, forever coverage doesn’t necessarily mean that any defect is covered. It’s important to know which damages are protected under warranty and which could actually void your mattress coverage. 

In this breakdown, we go in depth on what is covered, what isn’t, what voids your warranty, and any fine print details you need to know. We also explain how to file a claim. By the end of this article, you’ll understand all there is to know about your Puffy warranty.

Puffy Mattress Warranty Covers

Puffy’s lifetime warranty extends to all their mattress models, including the Puffy original mattresses, Puffy Lux mattress, and the Puffy Royal mattress. It begins after your 101-night sleep trial ends, and covers a limited number of defects resulting from normal use, including:

  • Indentations or sagging greater than 1.5”
  • A broken zipper that didn’t result from abuse or excessive use
  • Torn seams or broken stitches resulting from normal use

Puffy Warranty Does Not Cover

Your warranty doesn’t include any damages that occur from misusing your mattress. Puffy defines misuse as any activity other than sleeping, resting, and lying on your mattress. Defects that aren’t covered are as follows:

  1. Visual blemishes that don’t affect the performance of the mattress (ex: stains caused by bodily fluids or pets)
  2. Changes to the fabric coloring from stains, burns, and normal use
  3. Any indentations shallower than 1.5”
  4. Changes in the softness or firmness level of your mattress
  5. Mattresses received second hand or bought from anyone other than Puffy or their approved suppliers
  6. Any structural damage not occurring from normal use (including the use of improper bed frames and jumping on foam mattresses)
  7. Allergic reactions to the mattress materials
  8. Normal scents from the materials used to construct the mattress (ex: foam, cotton, etc.)

What Voids the Puffy Mattress Warranty?

There are a few actions that can disqualify your Puffy mattress from the lifetime warranty

  • You must be the original owner of the mattress, meaning that the warranty won’t apply if you sell it to a friend, family member, or stranger. 
  • You must use the correct bed frame or base (including approved adjustable bases).
  • Also, closely follow the care and cleaning guidelines for your mattress, since any damage occurring from abuse or misuse can void the warranty.

Decoding Fine Print

Puffy keeps their fine print to a minimum, but here are a few important notes to remember:

  • Puffy will replace your defective mattress with a current model and size that most closely resembles your original. You may not receive the same exact model that you originally ordered, as it may be retired.
  • Always hold on to your original receipt of purchase with the original date of purchase. This is useful for proving that you are the original owner. 
  • Keep the white law label sewn onto your mattresses. Take care not to remove it, as it could void your mattress warranty.
  • Remember that the warranty is only active for the original purchaser.

There may be additional shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada via FedEx for Puffy beds replaced under warranty.

How to File a Claim

Puffy keeps their claims system quite simple. All you need to do is email their support team at Make sure to include the following with your message:

  1. Your order number and the full name of the person who bought the mattress
  2. A quick summary of the defect
  3. A photo or brief video showing the defect

Once Puffy receives your claim request, you’ll hear back from them before 7 business days have passed. If your claim has been approved, they’ll arrange for your mattress to be donated to a local charity and for a new mattress to be shipped to you.

About the Puffy Mattress

The original Puffy mattress is a CertiPUR-US foam bed designed to support all sleeping positions. It’s manufactured in the USA and constructed with eco-friendly materials. We even named it one of the best mattresses for memory foam shoppers

It features high-quality Climate Comfort foam technology and Cooling Cloud foam that improve the mattress’s breathability and temperature regulation. Multiple foam layers provide pressure relief and edge support for side sleepers, and a polyfoam core support layer adds stability for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

The top layer targets sensitive pressure points by contouring around your shoulders and hips. A plush comfort layer reduces motion transfer, which is particularly important for couples. Motion isolation prevents one partner from feeling the movements of the other, especially if one is a combination sleeper

The sturdy base layer promotes spinal alignment for all body types. Proper sleeping posture reduces back pain, especially in the neck and lumbar region. The base is also durable and prevents the mattress from sagging.

Finally, the Puffy mattress is priced affordably. A queen size is $1,249, not including any coupons or discounts. It’s offered in the full range of standard mattress sizes, including alternative sizes, such as Twin XL and California King.

And with a 101-night sleep trial and this lifetime warranty, what are you waiting for?