Top 4 Best Alternatives to a Purple Mattress

Shopping for a new bed? Our mattress comparison will help you decide if Purple or another brand is best.

By Nicole Gleichmann

Purple is an innovator in the mattress industry. The Purple Comfort Grid is the only mattress material that makes you feel like you’re floating, delivering nearly perfect spinal alignment and pressure relief

But a Purple mattress isn’t right for everyone. In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few of the most popular Purple alternatives. We’ll compare their feel, cost, and cooling potential so you can find your best fit. 

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Best Purple Mattress Alternatives

Purple Mattresses Best Alternative Option
Original Purple Mattress Original GhostBed Mattress
Purple Hybrid Mattress Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress DreamCloud Premier Mattress
Purple Kid’s Mattress Saatva Youth

Original Purple Mattress vs Original GhostBed Mattress

GhostBed Luxe cooling mattress on a mattress foundation in a bedroom


The Original Purple mattress and the Original GhostBed mattress are both medium-firm mattresses. The Purple mattress’s hyper-elastic polymer grid makes it feel like you’re floating, evenly distributing body weight without excess sinkage. The GhostBed’s top layer is made from latex foam that delivers a firmer feel that makes you feel like you’re sleeping “on” the mattress. 

In spite of their similar firmness levels, these beds are better for different sleeping positions. The Purple’s exceptional contouring is great for side and back sleepers, balancing spinal support with pressure relief. The GhostBed’s latex and memory foam construction doesn’t generously cushion pressure points, but rather keeps the body firmly supported. It’s better for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who like a firmer feel

When we tested these mattresses, we found the GhostBed to be more responsive than the Purple. What this means is that the bed adapted more quickly to our movements, making it easier to get comfortable in a new position. This responsiveness makes the GhostBed better for combo sleepers and those who toss and turn. 

Another difference between these two is the body types that they support. The GhostBed’s latex layer and highly durable polyurethane foam work well for heavy people, while the Purple is best for those who weigh less than 230 pounds.  


Both the Purple and GhostBed mattresses are good for hot sleepers. In our mattress lab, we did find the GhostBed just slightly cooler than the Purple mattress. The Purple is cool thanks to the breathable Purple Grid and innerspring coil layer, while the GhostBed boasts naturally cool latex and a gel memory foam layer to promote optimal temperature neutrality.  


These mattresses have similar price points, with a queen-size mattress costing $1,095 for the GhostBed and $1,099 for the Purple. These prices are slightly less than the average latex and hybrid mattress

Trial Period & Warranty


  • 100-night trial. Free returns.  
  • 10-year limited warranty. 


  • 101-night trial. Free returns. 
  • 20-year limited warranty.

Purple Hybrid vs Leesa Hybrid


The Purple Hybrid and Leesa Hybrid each boast a medium-firm feel, although the Leesa is noticeably softer than the Purple. While each has a responsive feel thanks to a thick layer of innerspring coils, differences in their comfort layers create unique sleeping experiences. 

The Leesa Hybrid has a soft layer of proprietary polyfoam with a plush feel that delivers superior pressure relief when compared to the Purple Grid comfort layer. The second memory foam layer brings a hugging sensation like that of a memory foam mattress, while the Purple Grid achieves a weightless, floating feel. Both beds earned nearly perfect scores in our tests for spinal alignment, making them excellent for sleepers with neck or back pain

While both mattresses fit the needs of the average side and back sleepers, only the Leesa is a good fit for stomach sleepers. The Leesa does a better job at keeping the hips from dipping in too far, easing the lower back pain that stomach sleepers often experience due to poor body alignment. 

Both mattresses have great edge support, but the Leesa is better for couples thanks to superior motion isolation and responsiveness. And thanks to a thicker support layer and comfort layer, the Leesa is better for sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds.  

The Purple Hybrid is cooler than the Leesa, and its edges are ever-so-slightly sturdier. The feel is more like floating than sinking. Compare the feel of each mattress


The Purple Hybrid is cooler than the Leesa mattress. The Smart Comfort Grid top layer found in the Purple bed promotes superior temperature regulation than Leesa’s foam layers. The spaces between the gel grid promote breathability throughout the mattress surface, ensuring that excess body heat doesn’t accumulate over the night. However, the Leesa Hybrid is still cool enough for most sleepers. 


These mattresses come in around the same price, with the Leesa costing $100 more for a queen-size mattress. 

Trial Period & Warranty


  • 100-night trial. Free returns.  
  • 10-year limited warranty. 


  • 100-night trial. Free returns. 
  • 10-year limited warranty.

Purple Hybrid Premier vs DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud hero image


The Purple Hybrid Premier and DreamCloud Premier are luxury hybrid mattresses. Both are impressively durable and supportive, making them great for heavier people. The Purple is a soft mattress, while the DreamCloud is a medium-firm bed. 

The Purple mattress has a thick comfort layer made from a proprietary gel grid that makes you feel like you’re floating. When enough pressure is applied, the gel buckles and pressure points are cushioned. The DreamCloud has a plush pillow top supported by memory foam, polyfoam, and durable coils for a plush yet supportive feel. 

In our in-house testing, we found both of these beds to offer great pressure relief and spine alignment, making them excellent for sleepers with aches and pains. However, the Purple delivered superior spine alignment, and the DreamCloud better pressure relief. If you struggle with back pain, opt for the Purple. But if you have pain at pressure points, the DreamCloud is a better choice. 

The DreamCloud is better for those who co-sleep thanks to its ability to dampen motion transfer. It’s also slightly more responsive, ideal for adult activities.  


The Purple Hybrid Premier and DreamCloud Premier are both great for hot sleepers, each earning an 8.5/10 in our cooling evaluation. The Purple is cool thanks to exceptional breathability and the DreamCloud uses gel-infusion to keep its foam layers cool.  


The DreamCloud Premier costs less than half the price of the Purple Hybrid Premier, making it a more budget-friendly option. 

Trial Period & Warranty


  • 100-night trial. Free returns.  
  • 10-year limited warranty. 


  • 365-night trial. Free returns. 
  • Lifetime limited warranty.

Purple Kids Mattress vs Saatva Youth

Saatva Youth lifestyle image


The Purple Kids mattress and Saatva Youth mattress are two high-quality mattresses designed with kids’ needs in mind. The Purple Kids mattress is similar in construction to the Original Purple mattress, but with a softer feel. The Saatva Youth is a flippable innerspring mattress with a firmer, bouncier feel. 

Both mattresses do an excellent job of supporting kids from toddler to teen years. The Purple mattress pairs the Purple Grid with the soft support of a foam mattress. The comfort gel grid offers cushioning without the foam bed sinking feeling, delivering a floating sensation. The grid adapts to body weight and sleep position, working well for bodies that weigh less than 115 pounds. 

The Saatva Youth has a flippable design, with one side formulated for kids 3+ and the other for those 8+. And with zoned support, this mattress also works well for any sleeping position

The Purple mattress cover is removable and washable, but it isn’t waterproof. The Saatva Youth Mattress is accident proof—a handy feature when kids are young. But we wouldn’t recommend having this be your deciding factor as you can always use a waterproof mattress protector on the Purple bed


Both mattresses are designed to promote temperature neutrality. The Purple Grid is designed to facilitate airflow, as is the layer of innerspring coils in the Saatva


The Purple mattress costs $200 less than the Saatva for a twin mattress. Saatva also comes in twin XL and full sizes, while the Purple Kids bed does not. 

Trial Period & Warranty


  • 100-night trial. Free returns.  
  • 10-year limited warranty. 


  • 180-night trial. $99 returns. 
  • 12-year limited warranty.

Why Buy a Mattress Online?

Purple sells most of their mattresses directly to you, the consumer. Purple and popular bed-in-a-box mattress brands skip the showroom and pass the savings onto you. Not only do online mattresses tend to cost less than their brick-and-mortar competitors, but there are other benefits, too. 

  • Sleep trials: Online mattress brands tend to offer more generous sleep trials. You may have 100 or 365 days to try out a mattress, and many brands offer free returns. Read more about the Purple Return Policy.
  • Warranties: Many online mattress companies back their mattresses with long warranties. Some brands offer lifetime warranties, something unheard of in the traditional mattress space. Read more about the Purple Mattress Warranty.
  • Promotions: You can shop for discount codes online, ensuring that you don’t pay more than you need to. 
  • Time: You save time shopping online! 
  • Zero pressure: In-store mattress shopping typically involves a commissioned sales person. You don’t have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics at home. 

Purple Mattress vs Alternative Mattresses

Purple’s proprietary technology has brought us one of the most unique mattresses on the market today. The Smart Comfort Grid combines pressure relief, support, and cooling properties in a way that makes it one of the best mattresses for a wide variety of sleepers. So, why would anyone choose another mattress?

  • Cost savings: Purple is a luxury mattress brand whose proprietary technology comes with an above-average price point. Shoppers on a budget may want to consider a less expensive mattress. 
  • Sleeping position: The Purple Grid’s body alignment properties relieve pain for many back and side sleepers, but not for stomach sleepers. The grid can cause the hips to fall out of alignment when you’re lying on your front, especially if you weigh more than average. 
  • Warranty: The Purple 10-year warranty is the industry-standard, but there are other mattress companies that offer more generous warranties. Take the Nectar mattress, which comes with a lifetime warranty. 
  • Trial period: Purple’s 100-night sleep trial with a full refund is the bed-in-a-box industry standard. While that’s plenty of time for most people to decide on a mattress, you may want longer to ensure that you’re getting the right mattress for you. Some companies, like Nectar, offer year-long sleep trials.  


Purple mattresses are unlike any other mattress on the market. The Purple Grid creates a weightless feel that’s excellent for side and back sleepers, providing excellent body alignment and pressure relief. However, there are other great mattresses out there. If you’re a stomach sleeper or someone who prefers a foam mattress feel, another brand may be a better choice. 

Whether you go with Purple or any of the brands listed above, they all come with generous trial periods that allow you to try your new mattress in the comfort of your home. 

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