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Purple Hybrid vs Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Comparison

Purple Hybrid vs Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Comparison

Take a deep dive into two of Purple’s top products in this Purple Hybrid vs Purple Hybrid Premier mattress comparison.

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As two Purple mattress models, the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier naturally share some similarities. Both use the company’s innovative GelFlex material, for instance, and both excel at cooling. The Purple Hybrid performs better at pressure relief and edge support, and the Hybrid Premier has the edge in spine alignment.

Not sure which one to go with? This guide breaks down the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier to give you a better understanding of which one could be best for you.

Note: The mattress used in our Purple Hybrid Premier review is the Purple 4 version.

Purple Hybrid vs Purple Hybrid Premier Overview

Purple Hybrid Premier

man on Purple Hybrid Premier mattress

Key Similarities

  • Warranty: The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier both come with a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Design: Both use Purple’s signature GelFlex Grid in their comfort layer, that adds responsiveness and support to the entire mattress.
  • Cooling: If you’re a hot sleeper, then you’ll love both the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier. They both scored quite well in our cooling assessment, thanks to their hybrid design using foam and the GelFlex Grid.
  • Not Ideal for Stomach Sleeping: While the GelFlex Grid does a great job of cushioning and supporting your joints in pressure-sensitive areas, stomach sleepers might find that their hips aren’t adequately lifted.

Key Differences

  • Firmness: The Purple Hybrid is a 7/10 on the firmness scale, while the Hybrid Premier is a 4/10. This makes the Hybrid more accommodating to side sleepers, the most common sleeping position.
  • Responsiveness: During our in-house mattress testing, the Purple Hybrid scored a 9/10 on responsiveness, while the Purple Hybrid Premier scored 7.5/10. That disparity means the Hybrid will do better at adapting to your movements and sleeping position changes.
  • Thickness: The Hybrid Premier is slightly more expensive than the Hybrid, in part because the Hybrid Premier features a GelFlex Grid that is 2″ thicker than the one found in the Hybrid.
  • Spine Alignment: When tested for spine alignment, the Hybrid Premier outperformed the Hybrid, 9.5/10 to 8.5/10. This difference means the Premier Hybrid will do a better job of helping you maintain a healthy, neutral spine alignment as you sleep.
Purple Hybrid Mattress

Purple Hybrid Review Highlights

  • It does an excellent job relieving pressure, making it a strong choice for people with joint pain.
  • The Purple Hybrid offers excellent edge support, which is a plus for anyone who uses the edge of their bed to sleep.
  • The Hybrid’s 7/10 firmness level puts it right in the sweet spot for back sleepers, although side sleepers probably need something more in the medium or medium-firm range (5/10-6.5/10).
Updated Purple Hybrid Premier

Purple Hybrid Premier Review Highlights

  • Its 4/10 firmness level makes the Hybrid Premier a good choice for side sleepers, especially if they’re in the average weight range.
  • The Hybrid Premier is one of the select Purple mattresses that includes free white-glove delivery. A representative will remove your old mattress and set up the new one.
  • The extra 2″ of GelFlex Grid included in the Hybrid Premier makes it more supportive and cushioning for your hips and shoulders than the Hybrid.

Compare Sizes

Both mattresses come in most standard sizes, with the exception of twin. Their dimensions are the same except for the Hybrid Premier’s additional 2″ thickness.

Learn more about mattress sizes and dimensions.

Purple Hybrid Purple Hybrid Premier
Thickness 11″ 13″
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ 38″ x 80″
Full 54″ x 76″ 54″ x 76″
Queen 60″ x 80″ 60″ x 80″
King 76″ x 80″ 76″ x 80″
Split King 76″ x 80″ 76″ x 80″
California King 72″ x 84″ 72″ x 84″

Compare Prices

Although the Purple Hybrid is considerably less expensive than the Hybrid Premier, both models exceed the typical price range for most mattresses.

Size Purple Hybrid Purple Hybrid Premier
Twin XL $1,899 $3,199
Full $2,149 $3,499
Queen $2,399 $3,799
King $2,899 $4,399
Split King $3,798 $6,398
California King $2,899 $4,399

Compare Design

Take a look inside each mattress to learn about what makes each one unique.

Inside Purple Hybrid

Inside the Purple Hybrid

  1. Premium StretchMax Cover: A soft cover with woven side panels that promote airflow.
  2. 2″ GelFlex Grid: Purple’s signature gridded layer designed to cushion your pressure points while supporting your entire body.
  3. Transitional Foam: A 0.5″ layer of polyurethane foam separates the Purple Hybrid’s Grid layer from the individually wrapped coils.
  4. Responsive Pocketed Coil System: A layer of individually wrapped, stainless steel coils that work with the GelFlex Grid to provide support and pressure relief.
  5. Transitional Comfort Layer: Another thin 0.5″ layer of polyurethane foam that separates the coil system from the bottom of the mattress.
inside purple 1 1

Inside the Purple Hybrid Premier

  1. Premium StretchMax Cover: A soft knit cover with side panels that promote airflow.
  2. 4″ GelFlex Grid: Featuring 2 more inches of thickness, the Hybrid Premier’s GelFlex Grid provides even more cushioning and support than the Hybrid.
  3. Transitional Foam: A 0.5″ layer of polyurethane foam separates the GelFlex Grid layer from the coil system.
  4. Support Coil Layer: A support layer made of individually wrapped stainless steel coils designed to work in concert with the GelFlex Grid to maximize support and stability
  5. Transitional Comfort Layer: Another 0.5″ layer of polyurethane foam that serves as a barrier between the pocketed coil system and the base.

Compare Mattress Advisor Scores

The mattresses we review undergo testing in multiple categories as part of our comprehensive review process. The following chart shows how the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier compare in categories like edge support, cooling, and motion transfer.

Purple Hybrid Purple Hybrid Premier
Shipping 7.5 7.5
Trial Period 8 8
Return Policy 8.5 8.5
Warranty 8 8
Set Up 10 9
Motion Transfer 7 7.5
Edge Support 9 8.5
Pressure Relief 10 8
Spine Alignment 8.5 9.5
Responsiveness 9 7.5
Cooling 9.5 8.5
Durability 9 9
Customer Service 9.5 9.5
Social Impact 7.5 7.5
TOTAL SCORE 8.9/10 8.5/10

Pressure Relief

The Purple Hybrid scored a perfect 10/10 when we tested it for pressure relief, while the Hybrid Premier scored somewhat lower at 8/10. If you have joint pain, the Hybrid should perform better at cushioning pressure-sensitive areas.

Motion Transfer

Both the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier performed similarly during motion transfer tests. Keeping motion isolated to one part of the mattress is important for couples or anyone who shares a bed, whether it be with a partner or a pet.


The Purple Hybrid has a 9.5/10 cooling score, which is comparable with some of the best cooling mattresses we’ve reviewed. The Hybrid Premier’s 8.5/10 cooling score is respectable in its own right, but very hot sleepers could need even more cooling.

Which Is the Best Mattress for You?

Still have a few questions? Learn more about how the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier compare with accommodating sleeping positions, cooling, budget, and customer service below.

Sleeping Position

Based on firmness levels, we see the Purple Hybrid (7/10) as the better option for back sleepers. Side sleepers and combination sleepers should fare better with the Hybrid Premier (4/10). Unfortunately, our testers found the properties of the Grid material less than ideal for stomach sleepers, who need their midsection to stay somewhat elevated to avoid pressure buildup in their hips.

Sleep Environment

Both mattresses sleep quite cool, although the Hybrid has the edge in cooling scores. It’s likely the better choice for hot sleepers, including people with night sweats and hot flashes.


The Hybrid Premier is considerably more expensive than the original Hybrid. The Hybrid is the much better choice if you’re on a budget.

Customer Service

To contact Purple customer support, (888) 848-0248, email support@purple.com, or use the live chat function on their website https://purple.com/.

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