Purple Pillow Review

Is the Purple Pillow worth your time? We’ll tell you what we think in this Purple Pillow review that covers comfort, feel, materials, and trial period.

By Loren Bullock

Nov 29th, 2022

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The original Purple Pillow is made with the same hyper-elastic polymer comfort grid that put the Purple Mattress on the map. It has a unique structure that we wanted to check out for ourselves, and we can truly say that it’s completely unlike any traditional pillow we’ve reviewed.

✔️Mattress Advisor Rating: 8.9/10
✔️Customer Rating: 3.8/5
✔️Free Shipping
✔️100Night Sleep Trial
✔️1-Year Limited Warranty

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Overview: Purple’s original pillow uses a grid-like construction to cushion your head and neck at night. It comes with a feel similar to a memory foam pillow, but without the heat-trapping caveats. Plus, it comes with pillow boosters so you can adjust your pillow to your preferred height.

Who Is the Purple Pillow Best for?

Purple Pillow is best for: Purple Pillow may not be best for:
  • Combination sleepers
  • Those with neck pain who need extra support
  • Hot sleepers
  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers with smaller frames
  • Those who don’t want to regularly fluff their pillow

  • Shoppers on a tight budget
  • Stomach sleepers who need a low loft pillow or who like plush feel
  • Those who like to manipulate how their pillow feels by folding or fluffing

Mattress Advisor Score for the Purple Pillow

When reviewing pillows, we rate each factor on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being that it exceeds expectations and 1 being has significant room for improvement. To reach our final score, we calculate a weighted average from all 5 categories. Read more about our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Temperature Regulation 9.5
Support 9
Responsiveness 9
Durability 9
Construction 8
⭐Total Score for the Purple Pillow: 8.9/10⭐

Purple Pillow Performance Highlights

✅ Pros

  • Pressure Relief: Just like the Purple Mattress, the Purple Pillow is designed for unsurpassed pressure relief. The polymer material conforms to your head and neck like memory foam, except it’s cooler and more responsive.
  • Adjustable: Purple includes a 1” and 0.5” booster with your pillow. The boosters give you the freedom to add or remove height until you get the right level of neck support. Side sleepers especially will want to take advantage of this feature. 
  • Safe to Sleep On: Purple uses hypoallergenic, food-grade materials in their pillow. All of their foams are CertiPUR-US and Clean Air GOLD certified and made in the USA.
  • Durable: Hyper-elastic polymer is more durable than typical pillow fills. It keeps its shape after repeated use, whereas polyester or cotton fill can go flat and memory foam can develop impressions.
  • Temperature Neutral: Open channels in the Purple Grid drastically improve breathability, so hot air doesn’t get stuck under your head.

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❌ Cons

  • Size Options: The Purple Pillow only comes in a standard size, which may be smaller than your preferred pillow size.
  • Messy Construction: Some customers have complained that the pillow can be messy when you remove the cover.
  • Heavy: The Purple Pillow weighs more than average pillows, making it difficult to move around on your bed.
  • Price: Compared to other pillows on the market, the Purple Pillow comes at a pretty high price.

Inside the Purple Pillow


The bulk of the Purple Pillow is the same Purple Grid material used in the top layer of all Purple mattresses. It’s made of hyper-elastic polymer, which is a super stretchy, gel-like substance. The feel is similar to gel foam that is—for lack of a better word—jiggly, and somehow still structured enough to bounce back to form after pressure is removed.

Hyper-elastic polymer is really sticky when it’s first produced, which is why Purple douses it with a generous coating of polyethylene copolymer powder. Don’t worry—it’s non-toxic, even though the name is a tongue twister.

The grid is slightly firmer around the edges, with extra cushion where your head sits. The profile of the pillow is 3” tall, but the average person sinks into the material about ¾”-1”.


The pillow cover is made from a polyester, nylon, and spandex mesh blend. This fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool at night. The cover is soft, but it definitely needs a pillowcase.

On the underside of the cover, a zipper opens up a U-shaped flap that enables you to access the pillow core.

Be careful opening up the zipper, since the polyethylene coating will spill out if you remove the cover for washing. This is also where you can insert pillow boosters that add extra loft. These boosters are made of 100% polyurethane foam with a purple polyester cover.

Purple Pillow Sizes, Dimensions, and Prices

Purple offers this pillow in standard size only. It comes with two foam boosters and you can also buy an extra booster set for an additional fee.

Size Size Dimensions Price*
Standard 16″ x 24″ x 3″ $134
Pillow Booster 16″ x 24″ x 1” FREE
Second Pillow Booster  16″ x 24″ x 1/2″ FREE

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or Purple discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Purple Pillow.

Product Info

Shipping and Returns

The Purple Pillow ships free to the contiguous USA. There is a prorated shipping charge for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. If you buy your pillow on Amazon, there may be a shipping fee.

You can return the Purple Pillow for a full refund (minus return shipping) during the trial period, as long as it is clean and undamaged. Amazon purchases are subject to their return policy, not Purple’s. Call 888-848-2305 or email returns@purple.com to start the return process. 

Trial and Warranty

You get a 100-night trial period to test out your new pillow. After the trial period ends, the pillow is protected by a 1-year warranty. If your claim is accepted, Purple will repair or replace the defective pillow (not including sleep accessories) for only the cost of shipping. The warranty also applies to pillows bought through Amazon. Call 888-848-8456 to start a warranty claim.

Final Breakdown

The Purple Pillow offers a unique feel that you’ll either rave about or dislike. We think it’s a great option for those who love the feel of the Purple mattress, as well as back sleepers, side sleepers (with the boosters), hot sleepers, and those with neck pain

If you’re in one of these groups, we’re confident that you’ll get a good night’s sleep on this pillow.

Purple Pillow FAQS


How do I clean my Purple pillow?


The cover is the only part of the pillow that is machine washable. Wash it in cold water with similar colors, and dry it on low heat (or hang dry). The Purple Grid can be washed with soap and warm water and air dried. The pillow boosters are hand wash only and can be tumble dried.


Does the Purple Pillow need a pillow case?


A pillow case is recommended, but in a pinch you can go without since the cover is removable and washable.


How do I use the boosters to adjust the height of my Purple Pillow?


Simply unzip the pillow cover—preferably outside if it’s the first time because of the powder coating—and stack the boosters under the Purple Grid. Then zip up the cover. You can add or remove boosters until the pillow feels just right.


What is the best sleeping position for the Purple Pillow?


The team at Purple designed this pillow to support all sleep positions. We think the shape and loft level work best for back sleepers. Stomach sleepers may not like the feel of the grid against their face. Side sleepers will want to add extra boosters to achieve enough height for neck support.


How do I get rid of the new pillow scent?


If you notice an off-gassing scent when you unbox your pillow, remove the cover and wash the Purple Grid in warm water with gentle soap. You can always call or email the team at Purple if you have questions or need help: 888-848-8456 or info@purple.com.


Are there other Purple pillow options?


Yep! In addition to the original Purple Pillow, you can choose from the Purple Harmony Pillow, the Purple Plush Pillow, the Purple TwinCloud™, the Purple Cloud™ Pillow, and the Kid’s Purple Pillow.