Purple SoftStretch Sheets Review

We review SoftStretch Sheets from Purple to help you decide whether they belong on your bed.

By Laura Mohammad

Feb 21st, 2022

Purple is about more than mattresses. The bed-in-box company also makes bedding accessories, including Purple SoftStretch Sheets. We’ve tested these sheets in the Mattress Advisor lab to see how they perform.

What are stretch sheets? Are these sheets as soft as they are stretchy? We’ve set out to answer all these questions and more in this Purple SoftStretch Sheets review.

What They’re Made Of (and Why)

What puts the stretch in a stretch sheet? For this product, the answer is spandex. It’s one of three materials Purple uses in their SoftStretch Sheets:

  • Rayon from bamboo viscose–63%
  • Polyester–27%
  • Spandex–10%

“Rayon from bamboo viscose” is a technical-sounding term that essentially means rayon fibers derived from bamboo plants. Thanks to their softness and cooling properties, these fibers have become an increasingly popular material for bedding and other textile products.

Polyester adds strength and moisture resistance. Spandex provides the elasticity that helps ensure the sheets can stretch and recover their original shape. (Purple Sheets also feature Spandex and bamboo, if you’re looking for a choice.)

Why make bed sheets that stretch? Between nightly use and the rigors of laundering, bedding endures more wear and tear than you might think—especially if you’re a restless sleeper. In terms of durability, sheets specifically designed to retain their shape might have an advantage over other products. (If you’re looking to shop around for different types of sheets, take a look at our best sheets page.)

Other Design Details

According to Purple, their stretch sheets (and their Purple Sheets) complement what’s called the Purple Grid—a flexible, adaptive comfort layer included in all their mattresses. The idea is that the sheets enhance the Purple Grid’s ability to support your back, shoulders and hips. (You can learn more about the PurplePurple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses from our mattress reviews.)

Care and Maintenance

Purple recommends machine-washing these sheets in cold water, so you might want to use a cold-water detergent. You can tumble-dry them on low heat or hang them up.

Testing Highlights

After testing a set of Purple SoftStretch Sheets, we came away with three main impressions:

  • Soft but sturdy. The sheets have a gentle finish but also enough heft to provide a snug feeling. If you like your sheets soft but not gauzy, this product might be for you.
  • Cool. Here’s another benefit of breathable rayon fibers. The sheets don’t feel like they’re trapping your body heat underneath them.
  • Wrinkly. Polyester is prone to wrinkling, and these sheets are 27% polyester. It might not affect how you sleep, but it could be a turn-off for those of us who are on the fussy side.

The upshot: Purple SoftStretch Sheets are soft, cool, and comfortable. If the potential for wrinkling is the only red flag for you … well, that’s what irons are for.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets

Product Information

SoftStretch is one of three sheet sets offered by Purple. Here’s a rundown of sizes, prices, warranty, and other details:

Sizes and Prices

Purple SoftStretch Sheets sheets are available in all the standard sizes. Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two standard pillowcases. The sheets fit mattresses up to 15″ tall. If price is a concern, you can finance through Affirm or Splitit.

Twin $99
Twin XL $99
Full $129
Queen $149
King $169
California King $169
Split King $169


The name of the brand may be Purple, but the color selection goes deeper. Sheets are available in:

  • True White
  • Stormy Grey
  • Soft Lilac
  • Natural Oat
  • Morning Mist
  • Deep Purple (of course)

Available Colors

ss sheets stormygrey
Stormy Grey
ss sheets truewhite
True White
ss sheets naturaloat
Natural Oat
ss sheets deeppurple
Deep Purple
ss sheets soft lilac
Soft Lilac
ss sheets morningmist
Morning Mist

Shipping and Returns

Purple offers free shipping. Their website says your sheets will leave the warehouse one to three days after you place your order, but FedEx delays might affect shipping time.

Customers are responsible to pay for return shipping. Call 888-848-2305 or email returns@purple.com for more information.

Trial Period

You have 30 days to try out Purple SoftStretch Sheets and get a full refund if you’re not satisfied.


Purple SoftStretch Sheets have a one-year warranty (something that not all brands offer with their accessories).