Breaking Down the Purple Mattress Warranty

We simplify the Purple mattress warranty by summarizing what is covered, how to file a claim, and frequently asked questions.

By Rachael Harris

Sep 17th, 2020

Purple is a mattress company that makes high quality, bed-in-a-box mattresses featuring the Smart Comfort Grid. Like all mattress companies, Purple aims to make durable, high-quality beds that don’t need a warranty. They confidently state that the Purple grid should never break down, and that the high-density polyurethane foam base lasts for 10 years.

Still, defects happen. If you bought a new Purple mattress and want to familiarize yourself with the 10-year warranty, keep reading. This breakdown summarizes all you need to know, including how to file a claim, which defects are covered, and what actions to avoid to keep your mattress eligible for coverage.

What Does the Purple Warranty Cover?

The Purple mattress warranty covers all 3 of their hybrid mattress models—the original Purple mattress, the Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier. Purple bed purchases begin with a 100-night sleep trial and risk-free return policy. The warranty extends through the trial period for a full 10 years. 

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The warranty covers a select grouping of defects that are caused by faulty workmanship or materials, not improper use or handling. They are

  • Obvious indentations in the hyper-elastic polymer top layer that are deeper than 1” (after the surface has recovered from pressure or weight)
  • Cracks or splits in the mattress material
  • For up to 2 years, Purple will cover faulty workmanship or materials in the mattress cover

If your mattress develops any of these defects, Purple will decide to either repair or replace your original mattress. There are no fees or prorated charges, although you will be responsible for the cost of shipping and handling related to repairs or replacements.

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What Doesn’t It Cover?

There are a handful of circumstances or damages that the Purple mattress warranty does not cover. They are

  • Purple mattresses that are sold second hand, sold outside of the USA, or sold by a seller not authorized by Purple
  • Other Purple products used with your Purple mattress, such as toppers, adjustable bases, bed frames, powerbases, or the Plush Purple pillow
  • Damages that are the result of abuse or misuse of the mattress (ex: jumping on the bed)
  • Perceived changes in the comfort or effectiveness of the mattress (ex: edge support, firmness, pressure relief, motion isolation, etc.)
  • Changes in comfort preferences—for example, if you start with a medium-firm bed, but eventually want a softer or firmer feel for your sleeping position; or if you decide you want a California King size instead of a Queen size after the trial period ends
  • Injuries that are acquired while using a Purple mattress, such as pressure point soreness or back pain 
  • Mattresses used in a commercial setting, such as a rental space

What Voids the Warranty?

Several actions can void your warranty entirely. If your mattress is subject to the following circumstances, you won’t be able to make any claims, whether or not your mattress develops a valid defect. 

  • Mattresses that aren’t properly supported on a solid, flat foundation that can bear the weight of the mattress and those using it; inappropriate bases include box springs and slat beds with more than 3” between the slats
  • Queen size or larger mattresses that are stored on bed frames with less than 5 legs, including center support 
  • Mattresses that have been neglected or damaged in Purple’s opinion (i.e. tears, burns, bed bugs, liquid stains, odors, mold or mildew); Purple strongly recommends using a stretchy, waterproof mattress protector 
  • Mattress that aren’t continuously covered, since UV light breaks down the cushioning materials in the mattress
  • Mattresses owned by anyone other than the original purchaser, since the warranty is non-transferable

Decoding the Fine Print

We condensed the Purple warranty fine print into a few key points that you’ll want to remember. 

  1. If you are eligible for a replacement mattress under warranty, you don’t have the option to upgrade or downgrade your new mattress, even if you’re willing to pay the difference in price points. You’ll receive the same mattress (or the closest current model) as the one you originally purchased. If your old mattress is the original Purple model, but you want the innerspring layer in the Hybrid or Hybrid Premier, you’ll need to buy a new mattress.
  2. This is a really rare occasion, but if your mattress is excessively soiled, then Purple or one if its authorized retailers have the right to refuse inspection to determine claim eligibility. In this case, you will lose your warranty coverage.
  3. You may have heard of implied warranties (ex: warranty of merchantability or fitness), which are consumer protections under the law. Purple’s warranty takes the place of those warranties, unless your state protects them.
  4. If you purchased your mattress from Amazon or an approved retailer like Mattress Firm, the same warranty details apply.

Filing a Claim

Purple has a Customer Care team dedicated to helping you file a claim. Give them a call at 888-848-8456. Your team member will ask you to verify your order number and may ask you for the following documents: your original proof of purchase with the date of sale, your warranty document, and the white law labels on your mattress.

Next, they’ll ask you to email them photos or videos of the defect. In some cases, you may need to show proof that you’ve used your Purple mattress on a suitable foundation and bed frame.

If your claim is approved, your replacement mattress will be shipped out or arrangements will be made for a technician to repair your mattress. Purple recommends you keep your old mattress until the new mattress delivery date. Then, you’ll need to dispose of the old mattress, following guidelines set by your Customer Care rep.



Can I get a full refund instead of a replacement mattress when my warranty claim is approved?


No, refunds are only issued during the trial period.


Does my warranty restart when I get my replacement mattress?


It does not. The mattress warranty continues through the claim process and does not restart when you get a replacement mattress.


What are the care and use instructions for Purple mattresses?


To ensure that you have the best mattress for the longest period of time, use the Purple mattress protector and sheets. The protector is waterproof and designed to stretch and breath with the Smart Grid design. Spot clean the mattress cover with simple cleaning solutions and let it dry completely before using it again. Finally, rotate your mattress every few months to prevent body impressions from forming.


How does Purple measure indentations on my mattress?


Most likely, Purple will ask you to send them photos of the mattress with a straight-edge across the indentation and a vertical ruler indicating the depth of the impression. Make sure your mattress is on a flat surface so you can accurately gauge the indentation.


Will my warranty be voided if I take my mattress off of its foundation for transportation when moving?


Nope! Purple says that you can temporarily fold your mattress during transportation; however, the hyper-elastic polymer comfort layer is not suitable for folding beds, like futons or pull-out couches.