So your mattress has reached the end of its life…

That’s okay! You’re still one step closer to improving our earth.

Your mattress is unfit for donation due to the condition it’s in. No hard feelings—it happens. By law, charities can’t take mattresses with rips or stains. So we are here to educate you on all the ways your mattress can be reincarnated. It doesn’t have to end here.

Mattress's put out on the curb as trash

Recycling a mattress can be confusing because laws for mattress disposal vary from city to city. But we are here to tell you: there is hope. You have options! However, one option we’d advise you to avoid is taking your mattress to a landfill.

Mattresses in landfills = bad news.

Here’s why:

  • Mattresses don’t compact well.
  • They take up space.
  • When a mattress sits in a landfill, it can cause flammable air pockets within its layers.
  • They often get caught in equipment, causing damage and imposing costs.
  • Some mattresses contain materials made with non-biodegradable chemicals that can seep into drinking water.

Why You Should Recycle Your Mattress

How Your Mattress Can Be Brought Back to Life

There are four main materials in your mattress: foam, steel, fibers and wood. These materials can be extracted and sorted by recycling facilities. Scraps are then sold to material buyers for repurposing. Just look at all the potential your mattress still has:

Mattress Materials For Good

Now that you understand all the good recycling your mattress can do, we made it easy for you to actually do it. You’re welcome!

Where to Recycle a Mattress Near You

  1. This tool, created by Earth 911, locates recycling programs in your area based on the item you want to get rid of. FYI this tool doesn’t filter out junk removal services, so make sure to call and ask where your mattress goes!

  2. Bye Bye Mattress is a recycling program launched by the Mattress Recycling Council. Currently available only in California, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

  3. This tool, created by Sleep on Latex, is a collection of 100 recycling facilities nationwide that accept mattresses. All you have to do is click on a location closest to you and get the details.

  4. Keep America Beautiful launched to make saving the earth easy for you. All you have to do is enter your zip code to find recycling facilities in your area.

Junk Removal Services

Before we leave you, we’d like to offer a word of caution on junk removal services.

You may think hiring junk haulers is equivalent to recycling your mattress. That’s not necessarily true. Be sure to call the junk removal service in your area to see where your mattress actually goes once it’s picked up.

We made a few calls—here’s what we found out from customer service reps at the top three junk removal services in the US:

Service Location Where does it go? Queen removal quoted
College Hunks Hauling Junk Available in 36 states nationwide and in Canada. Usually, a landfill, but if you specify you want it donated they will try to make arrangements based on options in your area.

Anywhere from $95-$125*

1-800-GOT-JUNK Available in 42 states nationwide. Their default is to keep your mattress out of landfills, so they will make arrangements to recycle it, if possible.


Junk King Available in 30 states nationwide and in Canada. Licensed by law to recycle your mattress.

$88* for mattress

$128* for mattress and box spring

* Quotes may differ based on location and size of item being picked up.

You have now been warned!

Now you—and your mattress—can rest in peace knowing you have disposed of it responsibly. Pat yourself on the back for helping our world become a better, and greener, place.

Still have questions about mattress recycling or need tips on finding a new mattress? Please leave us a comment below.