How to Return a Mattress

Are you and your new mattress not getting along? Learn how to return a mattress, and what to do if you aren’t able to.

By Nicole Gleichmann

After spending hours researching which mattress is best for you and shelling out hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars, the last thing you probably want to do is return the mattress and go through the process anew.

But if your new mattress isn’t living up to your needs, returning it and finding one more suited to your needs may be necessary. The last thing you want is to sleep poorly and wake up with aches-and-pains for years to come.

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Can You Return Your Mattress?

Some mattress companies offer generous trial periods, such as 120 nights where you can try out the mattress, risk-free. To be eligible for return, all you’ll need to do is call in and get the process started.

But, understand that this type of generous return policy is expensive for a mattress company. They have to cover shipping a very large, heavy, item. Plus, they won’t be able to then sell that same mattress to another consumer. No one would be happy to order a new mattress just to receive one that was tried out and rejected by a complete stranger!

The higher the mattress purchase price, the greater the chances are that it will be eligible for a full refund. This is just simple economics; for a company to stay profitable, they have to recoup any financial losses that come with a generous trial period.

Fortunately, there are many online mattress retailers able to sell medium-priced mattresses to customers with free shipping and lengthy trial periods. This is because the middle-man is cut out of the sales process, allowing the company to pass the savings onto their customers. Casper, Nectar, and Purple are three of the most popular brands that make returns simple.

But most budget companies are going to have more restrictions. They may charge a restocking fee, not reimburse the initial delivery fee, or only allow for you to exchange your mattress for store credit.

Additionally, if you spilled something on your mattress or otherwise damaged it, you may be unable to return your mattress—even if you’ve only had it for a handful of days. This is why it’s recommended to buy a mattress protector to keep your mattress safe from spills or other accidents shortly after purchase.

The Mattress Return Process

Returning a mattress is a pretty straightforward process. To do so, follow these steps.

1. Find Out the Return Policy

The first step to returning a mattress is to see whether or not your mattress is eligible for return. You can either search a company’s website, review paperwork or emails that you got when you purchased the mattress, or contact the company directly.

If you find that your mattress isn’t eligible for return, it may still be worth calling the company to talk to them about your troubles. They may offer a partial refund or discount on a future purchase.

2. Initiate a Return

If your mattress is eligible for return, you will want to submit for a return. Most companies will have a returns center to make things simple. Look online or call in to find out the necessary steps.

3. Follow the Directions You’re Given

The retailer will provide you with the next steps. Don’t worry, you’re unlikely to need to repack that memory foam mattress into the original box that it came in! But if mattresses come with bed frames or mattress foundations, consumers are usually responsible for breaking those down to prepare them for return shipment.

What to Do If You Cannot Return Your Mattress

There will be times in life when you make a purchase, it doesn’t work it, and you’re stuck with the final product. While this is frustrating, there are some options.

1. Sell Your Mattress

You can always sell your nearly-new mattress third party via platforms like Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp. Of course, you will almost surely take a bit of a loss, but this is a solid way to recoup some of the lost cash and help someone else afford a quality mattress.

2. Move it to a Guestroom or Kid’s Room

Typically, the master suite has the nicest mattress in the house. But if you’re stuck with a new mattress and have a guest room or children, this might be the optimal time to upgrade these rooms with a nice mattress.

3. Work to Make It Work

How long have you given your new mattress to set in? Some mattresses, particularly memory foam, can take 30 days or so to break in and give you the full picture of what to expect. If you’ve already given yourself and the bed time to settle in, there are strategies that you can use to move it closer to your ideal.

There are ways to make a soft mattress firmer, a firm mattress softer, or a hot mattress cooler. By combining things like mattress toppers or mattress pads and the correct foundation, you might just be able to turn your mattress into one that you look forward to sleeping on.


As long as you went through a solid mattress retailer and haven’t waited too long to initiate the process, returning a mattress is simple. Just be sure that you contact the company within their trial period, and take care of the mattress in the meantime. A company may reject a soiled mattress. And if you aren’t able to return it, there are things that you can do to move it closer to your ideal comfort level.

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