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Saatva vs. Amerisleep Mattress Comparison

Check out our mattress comparison to see if the Saatva hybrid mattress or Amerisleep memory foam mattress is the best one for you.

Looking for a new mattress? Saatva and Amerisleep are two well-loved online luxury mattress brands. For anyone looking for a high-quality mattress at a competitive price, the variety of different mattresses from these companies are excellent options. 

In this review, we’re going to compare the Saatva Classic and Amerisleep AS3 mattresses so you can decide which one is the best fit for you. 

Saatva and Amerisleep at a Glance

Customer Rating
MA Score
Trial Period


Customer Rating
MA Score
8.7 / 10

Customizable luxury hybrid mattress




Hybrid: coil on coil and memory foam with euro pillow-top

Trial Period

180 days


15-year limited warranty

Amerisleep AS3

Customer Rating
MA Score
8.4 / 10

Memory foam mattress with cooling technology (part of Amerisleep's Soft Collection)


Medium: 6/10


Memory foam

Trial Period

100 days


20-year limited warranty

Key Similarities

  • Both have sturdy, comfortable edges great for couples who spread out.
  • Both are made in the USA.
  • Both are luxury mattresses with similar price points.

Key Differences

  • The Saatva Classic is a hybrid mattress and the Amerisleep AS3 a memory foam bed.
  • The Amerisleep better isolates movements, ideal for couples who share the bed. 
  • The Saatva supports better spinal alignment, great for those with neck or lower back pain.
  • The Saatva comes in 3 firmness levels and 2 thicknesses, while the Amerisleep only comes in 1 mattress type.
Saatva mattress product shot

Saatva Mattress Review Highlights

  • The Saatva Classic is customizable. Three different firmness optionsplush soft, luxury firm, and firm—and 2 thickness profiles create a mattress that works for every sleeping position and body type. 
  • The Saatva earned a nearly perfect 9.5/10 in our spine alignment test, so you can trust that it may help relieve joint and back pain
  • The Saatva is an incredibly high-quality mattress, and it’s one of the most durable beds that we’ve tested at Mattress Advisor. 
  • Two layers of innerspring oils ensure ample airflow to keep even the hottest sleepers cool. 
  • Every Saatva mattress comes with free new mattress setup and old mattress removal, a service called White Glove Delivery.
  • Saatva has a number of luxury models, including the Saatva HD, Saatva Solaire, Loom & Leaf, and ZenHaven.
Amerisleep AS3 mattress

Amerisleep Mattress Review Highlights

  • The Amerisleep AS3 is an all-foam mattress with deeply hugging memory foam that feels much like a more expensive Tempur-Pedic luxury mattress
  • The AS3’s medium firmness level balances pressure relief and support, ideal for most side and back sleepers. Even lightweight stomach sleepers enjoy the feel of the AS3.
  • Excellent motion isolation abilities allow those who co-sleep to slumber peacefully. 
  • With free shipping and returns during the 100-night sleep trial period, there is zero financial risk to trying the Amerisleep mattress in the comfort of your home.
  • Amerisleep’s 20-year warranty is far more generous than the average bed-in-a-box mattress warranty.
  • Looking for a different firmness level? Amerisleep offers four other beds with various firmness options: AS1, AS2, AS4, and AS5.

Compare Sizes

The Saatva mattress comes in two thickness profiles, with one being much thicker than the Amerisleep. Saatva also sells one more mattress size than the Amerisleep—the split California king, a good fit for tall sleepers who share the bed.

Saatva Amerisleep
Thickness 11.5” or 14.5” 12”
Twin 38” x 75” 38” x 74”
Twin XL 38” x 80” 38” x 80”
Full 54” x 75” 54” x 75”
Queen 60” x 80” 60” x 80”
King 76” x 80” 76” x 80”
Split King 76” x 80” 76” x 80”
California King 72” x 84” 72” x 84”
Split Cali King 72” x 84” N/A

Learn more about mattress sizes.

Compare Prices

While the smaller Saatva mattress sizes are less expensive, the more popular larger mattress sizes have very similar prices.

Saatva Amerisleep
Twin $799 $1,099
Twin XL $999 $1,149
Full $1,299 $1,249
Queen $1,399 $1,399
King $1,799 $1,699
Split King $1,999 $2,098
California King $1,799 $1,699
Split Cal King $1,999 N/A


Compare Feel and Inside Layers

The Saatva and Amerisleep mattresses are vastly different when it comes to their construction, and with it, the sleeping experiences that they offer. Let’s take a look at what sets these two beds apart. 

The Saatva Classic is a memory foam hybrid bed made from 5 layers of foam, innerspring coils, and organic cotton. It comes in 3 different firmness options, with the plush soft measuring a 3 on the 1-10 firmness scale, the luxury firm a 6, and the firm an 8. There are even 2 thickness profiles, an 11.5” and 14.5”. 

Thanks to the variable mattress options, the Saatva truly works for every sleeping position and body size. The below layers vary in thickness and composition to create a customizable sleeping experience. 

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress is a memory foam mattress crafted from 3 layers of foam. Its slow-response memory foam top layer deeply cradles the body, perfect for those who like the feel of sleeping “in” rather than “on” their mattress. 

Its medium firmness level is a 6 on the 1-10 firmness scale, an ideal feel for both back and side sleepers. In comparison to other all-foam beds, the Amerisleep sleeps cool thanks to cooling technology found in both the cover and the foam layers.

Inside the Saatva Mattress

  • Euro pillow top: Quilted seamlessly into the organic cotton cover is a luxurious Euro pillow top. This top layer varies in thickness and makeup, with the softest bed feeling incredibly plush and the firmest pressure-relieving without too much sinkage. 
  • Foam comfort layer: Memory foam and polyfoam are used strategically so specific zones of the body get the support or cushion that they require. 
  • Pocketed coil transition layer: Four inches of medium-gauge coils are individually encased, allowing heavier parts of the body to sink in and lighter ones to stay supported.
  • Innerspring support layer: A thick layer of heavy-duty recycled coils add responsiveness and breathability. It’s this layer that differs between the 11.5” and 14.5” models. Opt for the 14.5” if you want a more supportive innerspring mattress feel.
Inside the Amerisleep AS3 mattress

Inside the Amerisleep Mattress

  • Celliant mattress cover: Celliant fabric technology is designed to convert body heat into infrared energy, supporting recovery, relieving aches and pains, and cooling the mattress surface. 
  • Bio-Pur memory foam layer: A comfort layer that hugs the body, relieving pain at pressure points. This open-cell foam facilitates airflow, keeping the mattress cool. 
  • Affinity with HIVE transition foam: Zoned support polyfoam with a medium-firm support that cradles the body, providing cushion and firmness at all the right places.
  • Bio-Core support foam: High-density polyfoam that limits sagging, reinforces the edges, and enhances durability.

Compare Mattress Advisor Lab Scores

We tested and evaluated the Saatva and Amerisleep mattresses at the Mattress Advisor lab, rating them on a 1-10 scale in factors that influence the functional and performance characteristics of the mattress. Here’s how they measure up.

Saatva Amerisleep
Shipping 9.5 8
Trial Period 10 9
Return Policy 8 10
Warranty 10 10
Set-Up Test 10 9.5
Motion Transfer Test 7.5 8.75
Edge Support Test 8.5 8
Pressure Relief Test 6.5 7.75
Spinal Alignment Test 9.5 8.25
Responsiveness Test 7.5 7
Cooling Evaluation 8.5 8
Durability Evaluation 10 8.5
Customer Service Score 9 9
Social Impact Score 7 4
TOTAL SCORE 8.7/10 8.4/10

Motion Transfer

If you share your bed, you’ve probably been woken up by your partner moving around. When it happens once or twice, it’s no big deal. But if you or your partner are woken up on a regular basis, you really need to get a mattress that better isolates movement. 

The Amerisleep earned an impressive 8.75/10 in our motion isolation test. Its all-foam construction means you and your partner can switch positions and get in and out of bed without waking one another. The Saatva didn’t perform as well, with its generous innerspring layers delivering just a bit too much reverberation. With impressive motion absorption properties, the Amerisleep may be a better choice for couples. 

Spine Alignment

Good posture is just as importing when sleeping as when awake. The thing is, you don’t have any control over it. It’s the quality of your mattress that determines your back’s alignment at night.

We test every mattress for spinal alignment, and the Saatva earned a nearly perfect 9.5/10. While Amerisleep scored well at 8.25/10, those who struggle with joint or back pain may be better served by Saatva’s superior alignment abilities. 

Sleep Trial

Because you buy these mattresses online, it’s important to have time at home to test them out and ensure that they’re the right fit. Both the Amerisleep and Saatva mattresses come with a sleep trial, but differences between the trial terms may help you decide which mattress to choose.

Amerisleep offers a 100-night trial period with free returns. When combined with free shipping, there is zero financial risk to trying this bed at home. Saatva’s sleep trial is longer, giving you 120 nights to test drive your new mattress. However, they do charge a $99 transportation fee, so you would be out a small amount of money if you find out that it isn’t the best bed for you.

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Verdict: Which Is the Best Mattress?

After our evaluation, the Saatva came in on top, earning an 8.7/10 compared to Amerisleep’s 8.4/10. Saatva’s exceptional edge support, alignment, cooling, and durability make it an excellent luxury hybrid mattress. And with variable firmness options and thicknesses, the Saatva Classic works for every body shape and sleeping position

But with Amerisleep’s luxury memory foam feel, it’s a great choice for side sleepers of every weight. It also boasts impressive motion isolating properties, a valuable attribute for those who share the bed with a spouse, child, or pet. 

Whichever one you choose, know you’re backed with generous trial periods that let you try out your new mattress in the comfort of your home.  

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