Sapphire Dream Mattress Reviews

The Sapphire Dream hybrid mattress has a pressure-relieving, supportive mattress option for every sleeper. Learn more about each model.

By Nicole Gleichmann

Aug 29th, 2022

Sapphire Dream manufactures three hybrid mattresses that are sold exclusively by US Mattress. Comfort layers of memory foam cushion individually encased coils underneath, delivering a balance of responsive support and cloud-like cushion. Thanks to three firmness options, you can choose the comfort level that’s right for you. 

In this review, we’ll reveal everything you need to know to decide if the Sapphire Dream mattress is the right bed for you. 

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Sapphire Dream Mattress Overview

The Sapphire Dream mattress collection consists of three hybrid mattresses: luxury firm, luxury plush, and luxury plush pillow top. Each of these hybrid mattresses has a layer of pocketed coils for responsive support topped with a variety of memory foam comfort layers. 

Thanks to different densities of memory foam comfort layers, these three hybrid mattresses fit the needs of every sleeper. From a plush, marshmallow-y option that dissolves pressure at problem areas to one of the firmest hybrid mattresses on the market, there’s a Sapphire Dream mattress that fits your needs. 

Every mattress in the Sapphire Dream mattress line sleeps exceptionally cool, has reliable edge support, and is incredibly responsive. Read on to see which of these mattresses best suits you. 

Mattress Names Mattress Type Best for Price Range
Sapphire Dream Luxury Firm Hybrid Stomach Sleepers $1,699-$2,399
Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush Hybrid Back and Side Sleepers $1,699-$2,399
Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush Pillow Top Hybrid Lightweight Side Sleepers $1,899-$2,599

Sapphire Dream Luxury Firm Mattress

The Sapphire Dream Luxury Firm mattress is one of the firmest hybrids you’ll find, scoring a 9/10 for firmness. With relatively high density foam atop supportive innerspring coils, this mattress adequately protects the body from the springs without compromising firmness. This bed is a great option for those with back pain that find most firm mattresses too soft.

sapphire dream firm mattress
  • 14” depth/height
  • Special Offer: $1,299 (queen)
  • Firmness: 9/10 (Firm)
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • 4.4 out of 5 stars, 7 reviews

Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush Mattress

The Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush mattress is a medium hybrid mattress. Its 3” of contouring foam and ultra-soft foam work together to hug the curves and relieve pressure at pressure points. The responsive bounce of the springs ensures that you don’t sink too far into the mattress, balancing support and cushion This mattress is a great mattress for average-to-heavy side sleepers and a good mattress for back sleepers who enjoy some cushiony give.

sapphire dream plush mattress
  • 14” depth/height
  • Special Offer: $1,299 (queen)
  • Firmness: 5/10 (Medium)
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • 4.4 out of 5 stars, 9 reviews

Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush Pillow Top Mattress

The Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush Pillow Top mattress delivers exceptional pressure point relief. This mattress has an extra ½” of ultra-plush foam and a quilted pillow top that makes it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. With 3.5” of cushiony foam above the layer of innerspring coils, lightweight side sleepers experience the melting give necessary for adequate spine alignment. We love this hybrid mattress for side sleepers who want more responsiveness and bounce than they experience on a memory foam mattress.

sapphire dream plush pillow top
  • 14.5” depth/height
  • Special Offer: $1,299 (queen)
  • Firmness: 4/10 (Soft)
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars, 11 reviews

Sapphire Company Overview

Every Sapphire Dream mattress is a hybrid mattress with the contouring benefits of a memory foam mattress and the springy support of an innerspring mattress. With three firmness levels, the Sapphire Dream seeks to deliver the best sleep for every type of sleeper. 

The Sapphire Dream mattress line is sold exclusively by US-Mattress.

Prices and Sizes

Mattress Price Range Mattress Size Range
Sapphire Dream Luxury Firm $1,699-$2,399 Twin – California King
Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush $1,699-$2,399 Twin – California King
Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush Pillow Top $1,899-$2,599 Twin – California King


US-Mattress ships the Sapphire Dream mattresses anywhere in the United States. For those who live in the contiguous US, shipping is free. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, additional shipping fees apply. Shipping typically takes between 3 and 7 days, so you can expect to receive your mattress in just one week. 

Your new mattress will arrive bed-in-a-box style. This means that the mattress is compressed and rolled up, arriving at your doorstep in a convenient box. Most people will find it easiest to move the mattress to their bedroom while it’s still compressed in the box. This makes it easier to fit through tight stairwells and maneuver around corners. 

When you unbox and set up your mattress, expect to wait up to three days before you can sleep on it. The compressed memory foam takes time to expand to its full size. During this process, you’ll notice a slight odor that slowly fades. This occurs thanks to memory foam’s tendency to off-gas, releasing tiny particles into the air. In only a few days, this scent will vanish. 

During this 3-day period, keep your new bed free from sheets and blankets. This facilitates faster expansion and odor dissipation.

Trial and Warranty

When you buy a new Sapphire mattress through US-Mattress, you have 120 nights to ensure that you’re sleeping like a dream. US-Mattress requires you to give your mattress a chance for 30 days before initiating a return or exchange. 

For those who decide to return their mattress, there is a $139 processing fee plus a 20% restocking fee that’s calculated off of the purchase price. If you decide to exchange your mattress for a more expensive one, you will be charged the $139 fee plus the difference in cost. If you exchange your mattress for a less expensive one, you will only be charged the $139 fee, but you won’t receive any type of refund for the difference in price. 

Every Sapphire Dream mattress comes with a generous ever-lasting warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship along with indents of greater than 1.5 inches. The warranty remains in place as long as you live in the USA. Be careful to protect your mattress as stains can void the warranty. We recommend using a waterproof mattress cover with your new mattress.   

Customer Reviews

  • I love my mattress. I have a great night’s sleep every time, sometimes without needing a pillow. It’s so good that if I can go home to sleep I will – no hotel bed compares!!” -Kim
  • “My husband and I have been sleeping great on this mattress. It keeps us cool and also gives us great back support.” -Chelsea
  • This mattress is the bomb! It really has revolutionized our sleep and we are so thankful!” -Anonymous
  • “Purchased the firm. Seemed way too hard the first few nights but it has settled and it is now perfect. Back pain completely gone for both myself and my husband.” -Anonymous



What type of bed frame can I use with my Sapphire Dream mattress?


Sapphire Dream mattresses are compatible with all types of bed frames and foundations. You can use a traditional bed frame and box spring, an adjustable base, a platform bed, a wooden or metal slatted foundation, a bunkie board, or even the floor. Do note that the surface must be firm and supportive, so be sure that your box spring is in good condition if you go the traditional route.


Why does my new mattress have an odor?


The comfort layers of Sapphire mattresses are made from memory foam. For the first few days after expanding, memory foam off-gasses, releasing an odor into the air. Rest assured that this scent is temporary and isn’t dangerous.


Can I sleep on my mattress right after I take it out of the box?


It’s best to wait a few days before sleeping on your new bed. This gives the memory foam time to decompress and fully air out. During this time, refrain from using sheets or blankets on the mattress.


Can I finance a Sapphire Dream mattress?


Yes! US-Mattress offers a variety of financing options. They work with PayPal, Affirm, and Synchrony Home for mattress financing.


Do I need to use a box spring with this mattress?


While you can use a box spring that’s in good condition, you don’t need to use a box spring with the Sapphire Dream. This mattress works well with any surface that is firm and supportive, even the floor.


Do I need to flip my Sapphire Dream mattress?


No. Every Sapphire Dream mattress is one-sided, so you should not flip your new mattress. However, rotating it every 6 months helps to extend the longevity of the sleeping surface.