Sealy vs Serta Mattress Comparison

Unsure if a Sealy or Serta bed is the right new mattress for you? In our comparison, we’ll help you find the best mattress by comparing their most popular beds side-by-side.

By Nicole Gleichmann

Jul 27th, 2023

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Serta and Sealy are two American mattress companies that have been around for longer than most of us have been alive. These are two of the brands that you expect to see when you go mattress shopping in person. But recently, they’ve both released direct-to-consumer mattresses to compete in the competitive online mattress space.

In this mattress comparison, we’re going to put the leading Sealy and Serta mattresses head-to-head. We’ll then outline the differences that you’ll notice when buying from Serta vs Sealy. By the end, you should have an idea of which brand—and which mattress—is the one for you.

Sealy vs Serta Overview

Sealy Serta
Best For Value shoppers and online mattress shoppers Hot sleepers and luxury mattress shoppers
Price Range $549–$2,999 $799–$3,099
Special Features Posturepedic Technology, Zoned HD Encased Coil System, CustomFlex, AllergenProtect UltraCold System, Air Support Foam, HexCloud Gel Memory Foam

Key Similarities

  • Sealy and Serta were two of the first mattress companies in the United States. Sealy was founded in 1881 and Serta in 1931.   
  • Both companies sell most of their mattresses in brick-and-mortar stores. They’ve both recently entered the competitive bed-ina-box industry with budget-friendly mattresses that are only available online. 
  • Both Sealy and Serta carry memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses
  • Both companies offer many of their models in multiple firmnesses. This allows all shoppers, no matter their sleep position or firmness preference, to choose one of their best-selling mattresses.  

Key Differences

  • Sealy mattresses are slightly more affordable than Serta mattresses, on average. 
  • Serta offers cooling upgrades for many of their mattress models. Additional cooling makes their mattresses better for hot sleepers. 
  • Serta’s 120-night sleep trial is longer than Sealy’s 100-night trial, but only Sealy offers free returns.  

Cocoon by Sealy vs Serta SleepToGo

cocoon hero

Cocoon Chill by Sealy Mattress Review Highlights

  • Universal Firmness: The Cocoon Chill is a medium-firm mattress. This is the most popular mattress firmness and works for all sleeping positions. 
  • Spine Alignment: This mattress earned a nearly perfect score in our spine alignment test. Healthy alignment may relieve neck and lower back pain
  • Great for Couples: The Cocoon Chill does a good job at limiting motion transfer so you and your partner can sleep soundly. It also has sturdy edges for an all-foam mattress. This makes it easier to spread out without feeling like you may fall off of the bed.
  • Online Mattress: You won’t need to go shopping in-person to buy the Cocoon Chill.  This mattress is available online and delivered to your doorstep for free.
serta sleetogo 12 inch

Serta SleepToGo Mattress Review Highlights

  • Contouring Foam Feel: The top layer of the SleepToGo mattress is a plush memory foam that deeply cradles the body. The sensation is one of a traditional memory foam mattress
  • Cooling Technology: Thanks to cooling gel memory foam and breathable air channel foam, the SleepToGo sleeps cooler than the average all-foam bed. 
  • Pressure Relief: With 12 inches of foam that includes generous soft comfort layers, this medium firmness mattress melts pressure away from pressure points and problem areas. This is great for side sleepers
  • Bed-ina-Box Mattress: Not all Serta mattresses are available for purchase online. The SleepToGo mattress is part of their online-only SleepTrue collection, so it’s available on their website to ship directly to your door. You won’t need to go to a local retailer!

Compare Mattress Construction

The Cocoon Chill by Sealy is a three-layer memory foam bed that measures 10 inches tall. Its top layer is made from memory foam that closely contours to the body’s curves. Next is a responsive polyfoam that quickly adapts to movements while limiting excess sinkage.  

The Serta SleepToGo is a 12-inch memory foam mattress made from three foam layers. The top layer is thick, plush memory foam. Not only does this foam offer the marshmallow-y slow-responsive memory foam feel, but it’s infused with gel to combat excess body heat. The next layer is a more supportive polyfoam with air channels for a cool feel.  

While the SleepToGo mattress has a medium firmness, the Cocoon Chill is a medium-firm mattress. Most back and stomach sleepers prefer medium-firm beds, while side sleepers often enjoy the plush give of medium mattresses for optimal pressure relief

Expect a slight off-gassing odor after unboxing these mattresses. This is typical of all-foam beds and should go away within a few days. 

Compare Prices: Cocoon Chill & Serta SleepToGo

The SleepToGo mattress has more economical pricing than the Cocoon Chill. However, the SleepToGo bed is only available in queen-size. If you need a smaller or larger mattress, you’ll need to opt for the Cocoon Chill. 

Cocoon Chill Serta SleepToGo
Twin $730 N/A
Twin XL $770 N/A
Full $850 N/A
Queen $1,080 $799.98
King $1,310 N/A
California King $1,310 N/A

Sealy Response Performance vs Serta Perfect Sleeper

sealy response performance

Sealy Response Performance Mattress Review Highlights

  • A Traditional Innerspring Bed: Do you prefer the feel of innerspring mattresses? It can sometimes feel like you’re a dying breed. Sealy understands that some people love the responsive feel of this type of mattress. You’ll find that with the Response Performance. 
  • Multiple Firmness Options: The Response Performance mattress comes in multiple firmnesses: plush, pillow top plush, firm, and pillow top cushion firm. This allows you to choose your customized firmness. 
  • Sealy Posturepedic TechnologyTM: The Response Performance has Sealy’s patented technology designed to deliver the right level of support across the entire mattress surface. This means greater support at the heavier lumbar region and a softer feel at the shoulders. 
  • Sleeps Cool: A thick steel coil support system facilitates generous airflow. This helps whisk away body heat to keep you cool.
serta trelleburg II

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review Highlights

  • Cooling Technology: The Perfect Sleeper mattress was designed to support proper temperature regulation. Proprietary memory foam boasts both gel and breathable cut-outs to stop heat retention in its tracks. Airy coils help, too. 
  • Pressure Relief: The primary aim of this mattress is to minimize excess pressure. Side sleepers and people with joint pain will appreciate the pressure-relieving foams and targeted coil relief. 
  • Multiple Firmness Options: Six mattress options vary in the layers of memory foam and the presence or absence of a pillow top. Choose the right model based on your needs. The firmness ranges from plush to ultra-firm
  • Excellent Edge Support: Serta utilizes both durable foam and reinforced coils around the mattress perimeter. This means some of the sturdiest edges that you’ll find.

Compare Mattress Construction

The Sealy Responsive Performance is a traditional innerspring mattress. Pocketed innerspring coils provide targeted support and relief, yielding superb body alignment. It also provides a springy feel and a cool sleeping environment. There is a layer or more of memory foam and other foams, depending on the model you choose, for your preferred amount of cushion. 

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress is a hybrid memory foam and innerspring bed. Each of the six models has a support layer of pocketed coils. These individually-encased coils contour the body’s unique curves. Atop this support system is between one and three layers of memory foam and an optional pillow top. The firmness ranges from soft to extra-firm. Each model is designed to deliver unparalleled pressure relief

Because the Sealy is a traditional innerspring mattress, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping “on” the surface. Thanks to generous foam layers, the Perfect Sleeper has a more distinct hugging foam feel. However, the sink is minimal in the Perfect Sleeper firm and extra-firm models. 

With more foam, the Perfect Sleeper better minimizes motion transfer. With less foam, the Response Performance is more responsive (i.e. easier to move around on). Because both beds come in multiple firmnesses, they’re great for all sleepers. They’re also both very thick and supportive. With generous support, both beds are good for plus-size people.  

Compare Prices: Sealy Response Performance and Serta Perfect Sleeper

Because there are multiple options to choose from, both of these mattresses have a wide price range. Their average price point is roughly the same. However, the Response Performance has less expensive and more expensive versions. 

Sealy Response Performance Serta Perfect Sleeper
Twin $549–$1,649 $799–$1,449
Twin XL $579–$1,749 $829–$1,499
Full $579–$1,730 $879–$1,549
Queen $579–$1,749 $899–$1,599
King $849–$2,349 $1,199–$1,999
California King $849–$2,349 $1,199–$1,999

Sealy Conform Performance vs Serta iComfort

sealy conform performance

Sealy Conform Performance Mattress Review Highlights

  • Luxury Memory Foam Mattress: The Conform Performance is one of few memory foam mattresses with all memory foam comfort and transition layers. This means a luxury conforming feel. 
  • Multiple Firmness Options: Choose between plush, cushion firm, and firm. Three options mean a great fit no matter your sleeping position or comfort preference. 
  • Nearly Zero Motion Transfer: Memory foam is one of the best materials for dampening motion. This motion isolation helps those who share the bed get a good night’s sleep. 
  • Balanced Pressure Relief: Posturepedic Technology ensures that foams are softer and firmer exactly where you need it. This means pressure point relief without a sinking feeling.
serta iComfort lifestyle 2

Serta iComfort Mattress Review Highlights

  • Incredibly Cool: The Serta iComfort mattress is one of the coolest memory foam mattresses. From cooling fibers in the cover to breathable foam and cooling gel and carbon fiber, hot sleepers can finally sleep comfortably on an all-foam mattress. 
  • Great for Side Sleepers: The iComfort mattress is designed with pressure relief in mind. Side sleepers of every body weight can benefit from the ample cushion of the iComfort bed.
  • Plush, Medium, or Firm Options: As a multiple-firmness all-foam mattress, the iComfort balances plush relief with proper support. Side, stomach, and back sleepers who enjoy a balanced feel and excellent cushion will find a good match with the iComfort.

Compare Mattress Construction

Three layers of memory foam and one layer of high-density foam make up the Sealy Conform Performance mattress. Thanks to more memory foam than is found in most of its competitors, expect excellent cushion and motion isolation. With three firmness levels, you can choose the firmness that best suits your needs. 

The Serta iComfort is also a memory foam mattress. However, the concentration of this mattress is on cooling. Serta utilizes a combination of upper foam layers, every one engineered with cool sleep in mind. This mattress also comes in three firmnesses to suit every comfort preference. 

Both of these memory foam mattresses do a great job at limiting motion transfer, which is good news for couples. Just keep in mind that neither is the most responsive, so it may take a while to get comfy in a new position. 

Compare Prices: Sealy Conform Performance and Seerta iComfort

The cost of both mattresses depends upon which options you choose. On average, the Serta iComfort is slightly more expensive than the Sealy Conform Performance. The Conform Performance doesn’t come in a twin size while the iComfort does. 

Sealy Conform Performance Serta iComfort
Twin N/A $809
Twin XL $1,074–$1,574 $899–$1,999
Full $1,079–$1,579 $1,199–$1,799
Queen $1,099–$1,599 $999–$2,399
King $1,599–$2,099 $1,299–$3,099
California King $1,599–$1,799 $1,299–$3,099

Sealy Hybrid Premium vs Serta iComfort Hybrid

sealy hybrid premium hero

Sealy Hybrid Premium Mattress Review Highlights

  • Luxury Hybrid Design: Made from high-quality memory foam and innerspring coils, this mattress measures between 14 to 15 inches. That’s a lot of pressure-relieving memory foam and supportive steel coils. This means durability and a mattress for every body shape. 
  • Ultra Plush, Plush, or Firm: Do you like your mattress soft or firm? Either way, the Sealy Hybrid Premium should fit your needs. 
  • Posturepedic Technology: Firmer support at the middle of the mattress and softer cushion at the head and foot of the bed support optimal alignment. This means greater pressure relief and support. 
  • Good for Couples: Thanks to individually encased coils and thick foam layers, this mattress lets you move around without waking your partner. The edges are also extra-sturdy so you can each have your own space.
icomfort hybrid lifestyle angle

Serta iComfort Hybrid Mattress Review Highlights

  • Cooling Upgrades: With an optional Max Cooling Upgrade that includes a cooling cover and thick layers of cooling foams, this is one of the best hybrid mattresses for hot sleepers. 
  • Plush, Medium, or Firm: Depending on if you go with the base model or one of the other versions, your mattress may be plush, medium, or firm. 
  • Pressure Relief: There’s a pressure relief upgrade for side sleepers who require even more cushion at their hips and shoulders.  
  • Durable Foam Edge Support: Serta’s BestEdge foam encasement means the edges of the bed are both sturdy and comfortable.

Compare Mattress Construction

The Sealy Hybrid Premium is one of their most luxurious mattresses. High-density memory foam gently contours the body, cushioning joints and pressure points. And with a support system of up to 1,540 pocketed coils, your body will receive targeted relief. The feel is one of cushion, support, and responsiveness. Plus, it sleeps cool. 

Serta’s iComfort Hybrid is also a luxury hybrid mattress. Serta combines layers of cooling memory foam, airy polyfoam, and pocketed coils for a five-star hotel sleeping experience. There are optional add-ons for an even cooler and more pressure-relieving mattress. If you’re looking for a high-end mattress, this is a good option.

Both the Sealy and Serta hybrid mattresses come in multiple firmnesses. What this means is that you can choose the right feel for you. The Sealy Hybrid is 14 to 15 inches, while the Serta iComfort Hybrid is 12. This means the Sealy boasts even more high-end materials that give cushion and support.  

Compare Prices: Sealy Hybrid Premium and Serta iComfort Hybrid

Both the Sealy Hybrid Premium and the Serta iComfort Hybrid are luxury mattresses, and their prices reflect this. They have a similar price point that differs based on the firmness and other options that you chose. 

Sealy Hybrid Premium Serta iComfort Hybrid
Twin N/A $809
Twin XL $1,974–$2,474 $899–$1,999
Full $1,979–$2,479 $1,199–$1,799
Queen $1,999–$2,499 $1,299–$2,399
King $2,499–$2,999 $1,799–$3,099
California King $2,499–$2,999 $1,799–$3,099

Compare Sealy vs Serta Sizes

Sealy and Serta have similar mattress sizes. Their length and width measurements are the same for each mattress size. All of their mattresses are reasonably thick, with the thickest Sealy mattress not as thick as the thickest Serta beds. 

Sealy Serta
Thickness 10”–15” 10”–17”
Twin 38” x 74.5” 38” x 74.5”
Twin XL 38” x 79.5” 38” x 79.5”
Full 53” x 74.5” 53” x 74.5”
Queen 60” x 79.5” 60” x 79.5”
King 76” x 79.5” 76” x 79.5”
California King 72” x 83.5” 72” x 83.5”

Learn more about mattress sizes.

Trial Period

Sealy offers a 100-night sleep trial with free returns. To qualify for a return, you must have had your mattress for 30 days. This 30-day waiting period ensures that you’ve given your body, and the mattress, time to adjust. 

Serta’s trial period is longer at 120 nights with the same 30-day waiting period. However, Serta doesn’t offer free returns. They charge a $200 return shipping fee plus an additional fee of 15% of the price of the mattress.  


Most Sealy and Serta mattresses come with the industry-standard 10-year warranty. This warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials. There are some exceptions, such as the Sealy 8” mattress-in-a-box bed that’s backed by a 5-year warranty.  

Verdict: Which Is the Best Mattress Brand?

Sealy and Serta are leading US-based mattress brands with many memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid models. Both brands have multiple firmnesses that work for every body size and sleeping position. Sealy has a better bed-ina-box mattress and Serta slightly takes the lead when it comes to luxury mattress shopping. 

When it comes right down to it, you’d be hard-pressed to find two brands that were as similar as Sealy and Serta. Both carry similar mattress styles with comparable price points. Each company crafts a wide variety of mattresses, most with multiple firmnesses and other optional add-ons. 

To find the right mattress, figure out your price point and the style of mattress that you want. Then compare the Sealy and Serta beds that fit your requirements side-by-side to make a choice. We hope our comparison of their leading mattresses helps you find the right bed for your needs. Remember, only Sealy offers a truly risk-free sleep trial, so if you aren’t fully committed, Sealy may be the right choice.

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Sealy vs Serta FAQs

Both Sealy and Serta offer high-quality mattresses with different products that cater to your unique sleep needs.  The best brand between the two comes down to your unique sleep preferences.