Serta Pillow Reviews

Need to replace your old pillow? Get the low down on three of Serta’s most comfortable memory foam pillows in this Serta Pillow Review.

By Rachael Harris

Jan 5th, 2021

Finding the right pillow can be an exhausting effort of trial-and-error, but it’s so important for a good night’s sleep. We’ve rounded up three Serta pillows that compete with the likes of MyPillow, Casper, and Tempur-Pedic bed pillows.

Serta is one of the top mattress manufacturers in the United States, and they’ve been in the bedding industry for almost 100 years. Needless to say, regardless of which Serta pillow you choose, we’re confident you’ll love it. Keep reading for in-depth reviews of the DuoCore Dual Comfort pillow, the TempActiv pillow, and the TempActiv Max pillow.

The DuoCore Dual Comfort

The DuoCore Dual Comfort pillow is part of Serta’s SleepToGo line. It has a two-sided construction that enables you to choose from a firm side and a plush side. Most flippable pillows have one cooling side, but this pillow is cooling on both sides. Specifically, the firm side is made with Cool Twist gel memory foam, and the plush side is made with EverCool memory foam.

A Look Inside

The whole pillow is wrapped in a soft knit polyester cover. It’s removable and machine washable, but we still recommend using a pillowcase. A thin, breathable pillowcase won’t muffle any of the cooling features.

The DuoCore Dual Comfort pillow has a fairly low loft with a firm support level. This makes it a good pillow for back and stomach sleepers, but it probably won’t provide side sleepers with enough support.

Why We Love It

Serta designs their pillows with intentional comfort features that help you get a good night’s sleep. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Flippable: If you’re trying to find the perfect pillow, having two sides to choose from is an advantage. The extra firm side supports your head by contouring around your neck. The plush side allows you to sink a little deeper into the foam.
  2. Cooling: Gel-infused memory foam is not new to the bedding world, but it’s still a big bonus, especially if you sleep hot. Gel naturally absorbs excess heat and releases it when the pillow gets too cold. The result is a comfy temperature-neutral pillow surface.
  3. Durable: Molded memory foam keeps its shape for much longer than cotton batting or other down alternative pillows. As a result, you won’t need to repeatedly fluff up this pillow, and you can count on it lasting for years.

Cost and Size

The DuoCore Dual Comfort pillow is only available in Serta standard size (24″ x 18″), and costs $59.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Low loft: Stomach sleepers in particular need an extra low loft pillow so that their neck doesn’t arch awkwardly and develop neck pain. This pillow probably won’t provide enough support for most side sleepers
Firm pillow: Back sleepers need a firmer pillow to keep their head and neck in alignment. The DuoCore Dual Comfort pillow is only available in one size.
Hypoallergenic: All of the materials used to make the DuoCore Dual Comfort pillow are hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about having respiratory issues when you use it. It’s hard to find this pillow for sale online.

The TempActiv Pillow

The TempActiv pillow is a memory foam pillow that’s part of the Serta iComfort line. It is made with a solid piece of molded memory foam that’s ventilated for extra airflow. Molded pillows are great for those who want pressure point relief without compromising stability. Your head will sink into the TempActiv pillow and stay put throughout the night.

A Look Inside

When people think of memory foam, they assume they’ll get hot, but the ventilated foam allows warm air to circulate out of the pillow. Additionally, the foam is sprayed with phase change material that makes it cool-to-touch.

The pillow cover is removable and machine washable, but it doesn’t substitute as a pillowcase. Use a pillowcase with a 300 thread count or less to get the most of the cooling technology in the pillow.

The TempActiv pillow has a low loft and a medium-soft feel. You can press pretty far into the foam, so it’s great for stomach sleepers who need a low loft and a little extra cushion. It may be too low for side sleepers with larger frames.

Why We Love It

The TempActiv pillow is designed to keep you cool, but there’s lots more that we love about it.

  1. Responsive: When you move around on the TempActive pillow, it moves with you. In other words, the foam springs back to shape when pressure is relieved; that way, you never have to wait for your mattress to adjust in order to get comfortable.
  2. Supportive: Your neck needs to be fully supported or else you’ll develop neck pain. The TempActiv pillow is dense enough to fill in the space along the natural curve of your neck and support the full weight of your head.
  3. Breathable: Your head produces a lot of heat. The construction of the TempActiv pillow keeps warm air moving instead of getting trapped in the foam, which cuts down on night sweats and sleep interruptions.

Cost and Size

The TempActiv pillow is available only in a standard size (26” x 16”), and costs $109.99 (though prices may differ depending on where you shop).

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Cooling: The TempActiv pillow sports several cooling technologies, including ventilation for improved airflow and cool-to-touch gel. It’s only available as a standard size pillow.
Versatile: The TempActiv pillow works for all sleeping positions, especially back sleepers and stomach sleepers. This pillow is pretty tough to find for sale online.
Warranty: This pillow is covered by a 5-year warranty, which is longer than most pillow warranties.


The TempActiv Max Pillow

The TempActiv Max pillow is also a memory foam pillow from the Serta iComfort line. Like the TempActiv pillow, the TempActiv Max is made from a single piece of molded memory foam.

A Look Inside

The core of the pillow is aerated in order to keep heat moving away from your head.

Additionally, the TempActiv Max pillow has a thick layer of what Serta calls 3-Way TempActiv Cooling material on the top side. This layer of phase change material is much thicker on the Max. It absorbs excess heat, and the aerated channels allow warmth to move out of the pillow.

The TempActiv Max has a similar cover to the TempActiv—removable with gussets and a soft knit—but it includes phase change material in the fabric, as well as a breathable mesh band toward the top of the pillow case

This pillow has the highest loft of the bunch, which makes it the best option for side sleeping. If you need an even higher loft level, check out the TempActiv Scrunch pillow, which is filled with shredded memory foam and can be folded in half.

Why We Love It

Even though this pillow is similar to the TempActiv pillow, it still has a lot of unique standout features. 

  1. Extra Cooling Features: Not only is the top of the pillow coated with a thick layer of cooling gel, the pillow case is also woven with temperature regulating phase change materials. And don’t forget that the pillow core is ventilated.
  2. Cushioning: While some memory foam mattresses take a while to warm up to you, the TempActiv Max is easy to sink into.
  3. Warranty: Pillow warranties are few and far between. The TempActiv Max pillow is covered against manufacturing and material defects for up to five whole years.

Sizes and Prices

The TempActiv Max pillow is the only one of the three in this review that is offered in Serta queen size (26” x 16” x 5”), although these dimensions are the same as the Serta standard size. What’s in a name, anyway? The TempActiv Max costs $129.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Responsive: You don’t need to wait for the TempActiv Max pillow to adjust to your changes in position, which is great for combo sleepers. The TempActiv Max pillow has a higher price point than other memory foam pillows on the market.
Breathable: The ventilated foam keeps warm air moving through the pillow and away from your head. It’s only offered in one size.
High Loft: The TempActiv Max has a higher profile, which effectively supports the average side sleeper. The TempActiv Max can be pretty difficult to find for sale online.


Shipping and Returns

Serta products are sold by a ton of different retailers (ex: Amazon, Sam’s Club, and Walmart). Each will have their own shipping and delivery policies, as well as their own return policies. 

Reach out to the store where you bought your Serta pillow to get information about their shipping and return info. We’ve noticed that most retailers offer free shipping and returns, but some require that the pillow be unopened and unused in order to be returned.

Trial and Warranty

New beds and furniture like adjustable bases usually have a warranty, but pillows don’t as often have a warranty. Fortunately, the TempActiv and TempActiv Max pillows are covered by a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

The DualCore Dual Comfort pillow warranty is a little harder to nail down. Serta uses a lot of different manufacturers (ex: Sleep Innovations, Sinomax, etc.) to make their pillows, and they don’t specify whether or not the DualCore Dual Comfort pillow is covered by warranty on their product page. However, the Amazon product page mentions a 3 year limited warranty.

Final Breakdown

So which of these three is the perfect new pillow for you? Here are our recommendations:

  • Stomach sleepers: The TempActiv pillow has a low enough loft to keep most stomach sleepers’ neck and spine in alignment.
  • Back sleepers: The DuoCore Dual Comfort pillow has a low loft and firm feel that suits back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers: The TempActiv Max pillow has the highest profile.
  • Hot sleepers: The TempActiv Max pillow has the most cooling features.
  • Budget shoppers: The DuoCore Dual Comfort pillow is the most affordable of the bunch.