Breaking Down The Sleep Number Bed Warranty

We’ve broken down the entire Sleep Number mattress warranty to make it easy to understand.

By Nicole Gleichmann

Nov 19th, 2020

Sleep Number’s adjustable air technology helps everyone find a firmness level perfect for their sleep position, thanks to dual air chambers and firmness control. But, while Sleep Number’s luxury air bed technology can help people sleep better, more pieces means there’s more potential for something to go wrong. Rather than simply worrying about foam compression, there’s a variety of hardware, software, and mattress parts that must stand the test of time. 

Fortunately, Sleep Number backs their 360 Smart Beds with a 15-year limited warranty. And with Sleep Number’s A+ BBB rating, you can trust that they’ll keep their promises. In this article, we’re going to break down the Sleep Number warranty to make it easier to understand what is and is not covered.

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What Does Sleep Number Bed Warranty Cover?

The Sleep Number mattress warranty is a 15-year prorated warranty. The warranty period decreased on March 29, 2020. If you purchased your mattress before March 29, 2020, you’re under a different 25-year warranty

Which Mattresses Are Covered?

Sleep Number offers two different 15-year mattress warranties. One covers their Value Beds (also known as Select Comfort mattresses) and the other covers their 360 Smart Beds. In this overview, we’re going to go over the 15-year limited warranty coverage for the 360 Smart Beds, which includes the following Sleep Number collections:

  • Classic Series
  • Performance Series
  • Innovation Series
  • Memory Foam

This warranty also includes Sleep Number 360 integrated bases. The integrated bed base is not the same as Sleep Number’s FlexFit adjustable bed—Sleep Number adjustable bases have a separate warranty.   

What Type of Damage Is Covered?

Mattress warranties cover defects in workmanship or materials, not normal wear and tear. This begs the question, what is considered a covered defect versus wear and tear?

Every mattress company has different guidelines as to what they consider a defect. To know what’s covered, you must get into a warranty’s fine print. Fortunately, we’ve done that for you! 

Here’s what’s covered under the Sleep Number warranty. 

  • Firmness Control System: Every part of the mattress involved in firmness control is covered by the warranty. This includes the air pump, air chambers, and hose. Additionally, the hardware that supports Responsive Air technology is covered. 
  • SleepIQ Hardware and Software: While much of the SleepIQ system coverage is outlined in the SleepIQ User Agreement, the hardware and software that facilitate this Smart Bed technology is covered under the warranty. 

Do I Have to Pay Anything?

The Sleep Number air mattress warranty is prorated. Only during the first year does Sleep Number cover the complete cost to repair or replace your mattress. After this, you’re responsible for some of the cost. 

So, how much are you responsible for after year one? There are separate costs for things like parts, shipping, inspection, and installation. For parts or products, the percentage you’re responsible for slowly increases with time. 

Here’s a summary of what you’ll need to pay for the parts or products if your warranty claim is approved:

  • Day 1—day before 1st anniversary: No cost to you.
  • 1st anniversary—day before 11th anniversary: You pay 30% plus 5% for each full year of ownership.
  • 11th anniversary to 15th anniversary: You pay 85%.

When it comes to the cost of shipping, installation, and inspection, Sleep Number covers this at 100% during the first year. After that, you’re responsible for the entire cost of shipping parts or products, mattress inspection, and installation. 

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What The Sleep Number Warranty Does Not Cover

Mattress warranties are pretty limited in what they cover. The list of what isn’t covered is much longer than that of what is.

We’ve outlined the parts of the Sleep Number mattress system and types of damage that are not covered under warranty

  • Mattress cover or foam indentations: Sleep Number is one of the only companies we’ve come across that does not cover indentations in the comfort layers of the foam mattress. If you experience sagging or sinkage in the upper comfort layers, Sleep Number will not cover any repair or replacement cost. 
  • Sleep Number 360 smart bed remote control: The Sleep Number remote control is covered by a separate 1-year warranty. After the first year of ownership, you must pay full price for a replacement remote control if the original stops working. 
  • Shipping, installation, removal, and inspection after 1st year: Following one year of ownership, you’re responsible for the full cost of shipping, inspection, removal, and installation of a part or product. This can include the cost of shipping your entire mattress to Sleep Number for inspection, or the cost of having it picked up, and the cost of return shipping.   
  • Discoloration or staining: Sleep Number does not cover any discoloration of the mattress cover or other layers. They also do not include any stains or physical damage caused by the owner. 
  • Comfort preference: Your warranty doesn’t cover how your bed feels. Sleep needs can change over time. As such, Sleep Number does not guarantee that any mattress will fit your needs indefinitely. Return your mattress during the 100-night sleep trial if it doesn’t fit your needs. 
  • Damage caused by the owner: Avoid tampering with the Firmness Control system or attempting to fix things without the help of Sleep Number. This can void the warranty. If Sleep Number determines that damage is caused by anything other than a defect, the warranty doesn’t apply. 
  • Acts of nature: Damage caused by things like floods, power surges, and fire are not covered. 

What Voids the Sleep Number Bed Warranty?

There are a lot of things that can void a mattress warranty. Here are the things you don’t want to do if you want to keep your mattress covered:

  • Reselling the mattress: If you buy a used mattress or one from a third-party seller, you won’t be covered after the first year. Understand that the first year is measured from the date the bed was purchased new from Sleep Number, not from the date you bought it used. 
  • Unsanitary condition: A mattress must be in sanitary condition to be covered under warranty. If pests, body fluids, or other unsanitary damage make a product unfit for inspection, the warranty becomes null. 
  • Improper support: Sleep Number mattresses have specific foundation needs. If you use your new mattress on an unapproved foundation, the warranty can become void. Use your new mattress on a Sleep Number base or an adjustable base or firm, non-spring foundation that can support the weight of the Smart Bed.
  • Tampering with the Firmness Control system: Do not open the Firmness Control system. Any tempering of this system can void the warranty. 

The Sleep Number Bed Warranty Fine Print

  • SleepIQ technology: The warranty states that the SleepIQ reports and functionality are not covered under the warranty. We followed up with their customer service team to clarify if the SleepIQ hardware was covered. We were told that SleepIQ hardware and software defects are covered, but other difficulties with SleepIQ are not. 
  • Pre-owned mattresses (after the first year): Secondary purchasers through third-party resellers from places like Amazon, Craigslist, or Ebay only have coverage during the first warranty year. This first year starts on the day that the original purchaser bought the new bed through Sleep Number or an authorized reseller. For years 2-14, only the original purchaser is covered.  
  • Loss of use is not covered: The warranty does not cover any inconvenience incurred by you due to a defect. This means you won’t be reimbursed if you need to buy a replacement mattress during repair times, for having to reinstall a replacement mattress, or any other inconvenience. 
  • Commercial use is not covered: Sleep Number warranty applies to mattresses purchased for personal use. Commercial use, such as use in a hotel or an Airbnb, is not covered. 

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How to File a Claim

To initiate a warranty claim, contact Sleep Number’s customer service team at 1-800-472-7185. On the phone call, they will provide you with a return service order (RSO) number. Keep this number as it’s required when you ship anything to Sleep Number. 

Because Sleep Number mattresses are smart beds, troubleshooting is often a part of the warranty process. The Sleep Number representative will work with you to identify the problem, determine if it’s covered under warranty, and provide next steps. 

Before contacting Sleep Number, it’s helpful to have the original receipt. If you don’t have this, collect the original purchase date, delivery address, and purchaser name. You may also need to locate the law tag on your mattress. This label has identifying information that validates the mattress. 

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