Sleep Resources

Everyone wants (and needs) more sleep. Better sleep makes for happier people and happier people make for a better world and every bit of better matters these days. Scroll through our roundups of tips and advice to help you get those Zzz you deserve. Let us help you find your sleep.

Sleep Health

Sleep is vital to overall health and wellness. In some ways, it’s the glue that holds us together. At Mattress Advisor, we’ve spoken with a number of medical experts in respective fields and done extensive research ourselves to understand how sleep impacts nearly every system of the body.

Sleep Disorders

Did you know one in five adults suffer from obstructive sleep apnea? Not to mention the countless others that have gone undiagnosed. It’s believed that 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder, sleep apnea being only one of them. In an effort to equip our readers to get their best night’s sleep, we’ve compiled a number of resources on common sleep disorders—what they are and how to treat them—so you can protect against robbed shut-eye.

Sleep Apnea, Snoring, and Other Breathing Disorders
Sleep-Wake Disorders
Other Common Sleep Disorders


Sleep Remedies

It’s no secret troubled sleep plagues our country. However, there are solutions for those struggling to log seven to eight hours of sleep a night. While some seek out natural remedies, others opt for medication. Whatever you prefer, check out these guides for aiding your sleep.

Natural Sleep Remedies
Sleep Medicine
  • The Best Over-The-Counter Medications to Help You Sleep (coming soon)
  • Melatonin Supplements: What Do They Do and Should I Be Taking Them? (coming soon)
  • Lunesta (Eszopiclone) (coming soon)
  • Antihistamines (coming soon)

Sleep and Relationships

The secret ingredient to a healthy relationship is getting a good night’s sleep. But navigating how to share a sleep space, learning to sync your sleep-wake schedules, and setting expectations for intimacy is hard, yet oh, so important! Here’s the best advice we have on the subject.

Sleep at Different Life Stages

Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of “sleeping like a baby” our entire lives. As we age, our priorities, responsibilities, and bodies change, all of which impact the quality and quantity of sleep we get. Whether you are a teen sleeping in ’til 11 every morning, a college student pulling all-nighters, a parent nursing your newborn into the wee hours of the night, or a senior adjusting to the physical changes impacting your sleep, we’ve got you covered.


Sleep and Travel

Sometimes sleep is an afterthought when you’re on the road or traveling abroad. Learn why it’s critical to maintain a healthy sleep routine while you’re traveling.

Sleep Tips, Trends, and FAQs

For your remaining questions about sleep, look no further.

Sleep FAQs
Sleep Tips
Sleep Trends and Myths

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