Sleep Tips and Trends

Everyone wants more sleep. And better sleep makes for happier people and happier people make for a better world and every bit of better matters these days. So take a scroll through our roundups of tips and advice to help you get those Zzz you deserve. Let’s find your sleep.

Sleep Studies

We studied some of the most popular, and in some cases, taboo, sleep trends. Read our data-driven research studies on a variety of different topics.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Would You Give Up Sleep for More Sex?

How much sleep do people give up for sex? We surveyed over 1,000 people to find out.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Navigating One-Night Stands

Read our survey on the frequency of one-night stands and the emotions and anxieties associated with them.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Never Go to Bed Angry

We surveyed 1,013 people in a serious relationship to determine how they handled disagreements that remained unresolved at bedtime.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Money Matters and Restlessness

Learn how financial worry takes a toll on people’s sleep and emotional well-being.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Sleep After Trauma

Exploring the relationship between traumatic events and sleep.

Sleep Tips and Trends

The Great Sleep Debate

Read about how employees define “success” and the role sleep and energy play in achieving it.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Clean Up Your Room

A study on how often college students clean their rooms and what motivates cleanliness.

Student Sleeping in Classroom
Sleep Tips and Trends

Sleeping Through the Semester

A study on how often college students are sleeping through class and how much it's costing them.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Late Night Bites

A study on the after-hours eating habits of 1,001 fast-food fans.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Naked at Night

A study on sleepwear preferences (or lack thereof) and the reasons you should consider sleeping naked.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Starting the Day Off Right

Exploring the impact of morning rituals on productivity throughout the day.

Surprised couple in bed
Sleep Tips and Trends

A Clean Sleep

A study on how often Americans change their bedding and which demographics are best at keeping them clean.

woman pondering in bed
Sleep Tips and Trends

What Would You Give Up For Better Sleep?

We asked over 1,000 Americans what they would give up for better sleep, and how much sleep they’d give up for a better life

Sleep Tips and Trends

Getting Comfortable

Sleep Tips and Trends

Sleep and Relationship Satisfaction

Sleep Tips and Trends

Which NFL Teams Do People Lose the Most Sleep Over?

Sleep Tips and Trends

Sleep Lost While Traveling

Sleep Tips and Trends

What Do Your Dreams Look Like?

Sleep Tips and Trends

Bedtime Habits by Personality Type

Sleep Tips and Trends

Does Using Your Phone at Night Really Harm Your Sleep?

Sleep Tips and Trends

The Top Hotels for Sleep Quality in America

Sleep Tips and Trends

What does sleeping with your pet say about your romantic relationships?

Expert Interviews

Mattress Advisor spoke with medical experts in their respective fields to answer all the questions you didn’t know to ask about sleep. Read on to learn how sleep plays a major role in almost every aspect of your health and wellness.

Sleep Conditions and Remedies

Read tips for getting your best sleep even when the odds are against you.

Sleep Tips and Trends

How to Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a health hazard that can be alleviated in a variety of ways. Read these tips to help determine which treatment is right for you.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Need to Shed A Few Extra Pounds? Start by Sleeping

Learn how simply getting a good night’s sleep could be the best way to help you control your weight and keep it under control.

Man snoring in bed
Sleep Tips and Trends

The Serious Side of Snoring

How to tell if your snoring is just plain old annoying or if you should probably see a doctor.

Sleep Tips and Trends

How to Keep Night Sweats from Ruining Your Sleep

Don't let your night sweats interrupt a good night's sleep. Learn how to sleep through the night without losing your cool.

Sleep Tips and Trends

How Caffeine Affects Sleep

Learn about the science behind how caffeine affects sleep, and how you can manage this impact.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Can CBD Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep?

Learn how CBD oil might enhance your sleep and minimize distractions that are keeping you awake.

Sleepy young woman trying kill alarm clock while bury face in pillow. Early wake up, not getting enough sleep, getting work concept. Female stretching hand to ringing alarm willing turn it off
Sleep Tips and Trends

10 Tips for Getting Your Best Night’s Sleep Consistently

Learn why getting a good night’s sleep is critical for your health and how you can make it a regular thing.

3D generated image of a modern minimalist bedroom interior with small tech details like a retro design radio, modern lamp, clock and smartphone. Hi res image with saturated colors.
Sleep Tips and Trends

Make Your Bedroom the Ideal Space for Great Sleep

Follow these 10 steps to turn your bedroom into a serene sleep oasis.

Sleep Tips and Trends

The Best Plants to Help You Sleep

Read about 19 potted plants that will help you sleep better by making your bedroom a healthier and calmer place to be.

Sleep Tips and Trends

5 Natural Remedies to Help You Fall Asleep

Read these tips for getting a good night’s sleep without relying on sleeping pills or other drugs.

Snoozing alarm clock
Sleep Tips and Trends

Extreme Measures for Extreme Snoozers

Learn about the science of snoozing, why snoozing is bad for your health and some tips and gadgets to stop it.

Sleep Tips for Parents

Sleep becomes so much more precious when you’re a parent or are preparing to become one. Read these guides to help make sleep a priority for you and your child even when to-do lists are a mile long.

Sleep and Mental Health

Sleep is just as important to your wellbeing as a balanced diet and exercise. Learn how much of an impact sleep has on your mental health and read tips for getting better sleep even when times are tough.


Sleep and Travel

Sometimes sleep is an afterthought when you’re on the road or traveling abroad. Learn why it’s critical to maintain a healthy sleep routine while you’re traveling.

Sleep Tech

Read about how to use technology to measure your sleep patterns and get the most out of your shut-eye.


No matter what stage of life you’re in, prioritizing sleep is something everyone should do.

Sleep FAQs

There are many questions to be had about sleep and getting more of it. Take a look at our guides that address some of these curiosities.

Sleeping girl with alarm clock
Sleep Tips and Trends

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

Learn how much sleep is enough (or too much) and why you should care.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Is it Possible to Become a Morning Person?

Check out these tips for taking on your mornings with ease.

Sleep Tips and Trends

Is Your Workout Ruining Your Sleep?

The timing of your workout could be preventing you from getting the rest you need. Read these tips to make sure your exercise routine doesn't interfere with your sleep routine.

Woman power napping
Sleep Tips and Trends

Are Power Naps Good For You?

Find out why power napping can be the therapy you've been looking for.

couple kissing in the bedroom
Sleep Tips and Trends

Can Sex Help You Sleep Better?

Learn how sex can be a natural sleep aid to help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

drunk girl sleeping on bed
Sleep Tips and Trends

Does Drinking Alcohol Help You Sleep?

A beer or glass of wine before bed feels like it helps you sleep, but it may do more harm than good. Read about the interaction between alcohol and sleep, and what you can expect after ending your night with a drink.

Sleep Tips and Trends

What Are Parasomnias and How Do They Affect Your Sleep?

Learn about what might be keeping you (and your partner) awake at night and what you can do about it.

Sleep Tips and Trends

What is ASMR and Can it Really Help You Sleep?

ASMR experiences, the latest internet trend, is helping many find a great night’s sleep.

Woman Yawning In Bed
Sleep Tips and Trends

Is Yawning Contagious?

We break down the research, and the findings on the theory that yawns are contagious.

Sleeping naked
Sleep Tips and Trends

Should You Be Sleeping Naked?

Mattress Advisor weighs in on the sleeping naked debate with research from the experts

Sleep Tips and Trends

Can Understanding Your Chronotype Help You Do Everything Better?

Learn what your chronotype is and how to schedule activities for optimal performance.

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