Best Smart Beds

Check out our top picks for beds that can monitor your sleep health and adjust your comfort levels with the click of a button

By Alesandra Woolley

Sep 29th, 2022

A good night of sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but can often feel out of reach. Fortunately, there’s a ton of amazing sleep technology out there designed to make great sleep a bit easier, one of the most innovative being smart beds. Read along as we recommend some of the best smart beds on the market — ones where comfort melds with high tech functionality to help you achieve the ultimate sleep experience.

What is a smart bed?

Smart beds and mattresses move beyond simply offering a comfortable place to rest: they add a range of technology applications designed to improve sleep, comfort and health. Many have embedded sensors that monitor movement, heart rate, breathing patterns, sleep duration, REM sleep and other factors.

To help you sleep better, smart bed companies analyze this data to provide you with information on the quality of your sleep, make suggestions, and adjust to your changing positions while you sleep. Some are even equipped with anti-snoring capabilities, while others connect with your favorite digital applications to make recommendations on ideal exercise time or temperature control.

Unless you were born with an unusual superpower, you don’t really know what you’re doing while you sleep, so smart beds help you understand your sleep patterns and then optimize them for even dreamier Zs.

Here are a few of the best smart beds that have been making noise in the sleep industry.

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rest bed e1509574606206

ReST Bed for Back Pain

  • Price: $3,999 for queen
  • Trial Period: 90 days with free returns

The ReST smart bed uses pressure detecting fabric and sensors to respond automatically to your sleep position and keep you comfortable through the night. It will adjust to provide customized support and ensure spinal alignment as you move throughout the night. ReST Bed has five separate zones (legs, hips, lumbar, shoulders, and head) that can each be controlled individually for varying levels of support, making it one of the top smart beds for people with back pain. The bed is capable of auto adjusting throughout the night or you can set it manually before you drift off to sleep.

ReST also makes a different smart bed designed specifically for athletes, which you can learn about here.

i10 bed e1509574711111

Sleep Number i10 Smart Bed

  • Price: $4,699 for queen
  • Customer Ratings: 8/5 on
  • Trial Period: 100 days (~$200 return and pickup fee if you decide it’s not for you)

The Sleep Number i10 smart bed allows you to set your own preferences for firmness, but also automatically adjusts throughout the night in response to your movement patterns. As with many other smart beds, it will track your breathing and heart rate, and offer tips on diet, exercise, and sleep optimization through an app.

For people living in cold climates, an especially intriguing feature of this mattress is the automatic foot warmer that can be set to turn on just prior to the time you usually crawl into bed. Hello, cozy. Meanwhile, when the bed detects snoring it will adjust the bed position to raise your head.

smartmotion base

Beautyrest SmartMotion Base 2.0

  • Price: Base – $1,499; App – free for the first two years after purchase of a SmartMotion Base, and then $4.99/year
  • Note: The Beautyrest SmartMotion Base 2.0 is not currently available to be purchased online. You can locate your nearest store to pick up the base.

The SmartMotion Base is loaded with smart features and can be used with any mattress, making it a great choice for people who don’t want to buy an entirely new mattress. The SmartMotion base can track sleep duration, REM sleep, awake time, and light, while also auto adjusting, providing responsive snoring relief and even a massage.

The compatible Sleeptracker app tracks your sleep patterns, analyzes the data, and makes it available in the app where you can learn about your sleeping habits and get advice on getting a better night’s rest. The app can monitor both sides of the mattress separately, and can be used to control and adjust the base. You can also use the bed’s built-in alarm system that uses pre-set wake times to awaken you when you’re in a light phase of sleep.

the pod eight sleep tracker

Eight Sleep Tracker Mattress Cover

  • Price: $299 and up, depending on price.
  • Customer Ratings: 2/5 on
  • Trial Period: 30 days with free returns

Eight’s Sleep Tracker mattress cover can turn any bed into a smart bed. The cover fits over any standard mattress. Internal sensors track your breathing, heart rate and movement, while also measuring temperature, humidity, light, noise and other bedroom conditions that impact sleep.

Similar to many other smart beds, sleep data is uploaded to the cloud, analyzed and made available to you on an app accessible by phone. Your sleep data can be integrated with other apps, and there’s even an alarm system that uses sleep data to make sure not to wake you up when you’re in a deep sleep. With programmable dual-zone warming technology, the mattress cover is great for cold environments.

The  Eight Sleep Tracker is a great budget option for people considering a smart bed, but aren’t quite ready to commit yet.

Smart beds can not only make you feel like you’re one of the Jetsons but can also provide valuable and actionable information about your sleep trends and habits to help you get your best rest.

Still have questions about smart beds or accessories? Send us an email and we’ll try to help you with answers.

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.