Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Mattress Topper Review

This memory foam topper adds three inches of soft support and pressure relief to your mattress.

By Caitlin Giddings

Jun 27th, 2023

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If you love the body-contouring support of Tempur-Pedic’s memory foam—but don’t have it in your budget to spring for an entire mattress from the brand—the Tempur-Adapt Mattress Topper is an excellent shortcut to getting what you want for less.

The 3-inch mattress topper is made of soft Tempur material that responds to your weight and provides immediate pressure relief. Both back and side sleepers should find that it boosts the comfort of their sleep space—and makes a too-firm mattress more comfy and forgiving. But, like all mattresses and bedding products, it probably won’t work for everyone.

I had the chance to test this foam topper at the Mattress Advisor house in South Austin—here’s what I thought of it, and who I think can benefit from it most.

✔️Customer Rating: 4.2/5
✔️Mattress Advisor Score: 8.6/10
✔️Free Shipping
✔️10-Year Limited Warranty
✔️No Sleep Trial


What’s Inside

The Tempur-Adapt Topper is made of a 3” slab of super-soft Tempur memory foam. It has a traditional, slow-moving memory foam feel and reshapes under your weight to hug your body. The topper’s outer cover is made from a high-stretch knit blend of cotton and polyester designed to wick away moisture. The cover is removable and can be machine-washed; it holds the topper into place on the mattress using four elastic corner straps.

Special Features

Super-Softness: If your mattress is too firm for your liking, the Tempur-Adapt Topper is an excellent way to make it feel softer. With 3” of adaptive foam, the topper deducts about two points of firmness from your mattress. So if you normally sleep on a medium-firm mattress (6.5-7/10), the topper will bring it down to a medium (5/10).

Pressure Relief for Side Sleepers: The topper has a soft feel that supports your body while relieving pressure on your joints. Side sleepers in particular should enjoy that the mattress conforms to your body to hold you in place without making your shoulders and hips feel jarred.

Attachment Straps and Washable Cover: The knit-blend cover is not only high-quality, breathable, washable, but it also comes with four elastic straps so you can fix it to your mattress and know it won’t slip.

Product Info

Sizes and Prices

The Tempur Adapt Mattress Topper comes in six sizes.

Size Price*
Twin $319
Twin  Long $319
Full $369
Queen $419
King $469
California King

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Click below to find the best price for the PlushBeds Natural Latex  Mattress Topper.


The Tempur-Adapt Topper comes with a 10-year limited warranty to protect you from defects.

Shipping and Returns

Tempur-Pedic offers free shipping, but no sleep trial or returns. This means all sales are final, unless your topper has a defect that qualifies under the warranty.

Sleep Experience

As a side sleeper with a mattress too firm for my liking, I was excited to try the Tempur-Adapt Mattress Topper to see if it could solve some of my problems with pressure buildup in the neck and shoulders. I started my nap test by strapping the topper to a medium-firm mattress, climbing onto it, and settling in on my side in my usual sleep position.

When lying on my side, the topper felt soft and plush, with lots of give but enough support that I didn’t feel like I was trapped in foam. I’ve been testing a number of firmer latex toppers lately, so the Tempur-Adapt’s slow-moving memory foam feel was stark and evident by comparison. It was a welcome feel, as the topper formed a squishy mold around my body as I rested, which gave me a sense of custom pressure relief. It felt like all of the stress and anxiety I’d been keeping in my shoulders melted away as I relaxed into the topper for a nap.

When I moved to my back, the topper felt equally comfortable and supportive. I sank a little farther into it than with firmer toppers, but not so much that my hips fell out of alignment with my upper body. Although I didn’t feel as much contoured relief as when resting on my side, I still felt comfortable enough to recommend this topper to combination sleepers or those who tend to switch from their side to back in the night.

Lying on my stomach on the topper, I found less support and more of a sinking feeling that made me feel like my hips weren’t lined up with the rest of my body. I wouldn’t recommend the Tempur-Adapt topper to general stomach sleepers, unless you know you enjoy the sensation of a super-soft bed.

Ultimately the topper deducted about two points of firmness from the overall feel of the mattress—which brought my medium-firm (7/10) bed down to a medium or a medium-soft (5/10). After checking in with two colleagues with different body types who tested the topper, I feel safe in recommending this topper to side sleepers and most back sleepers of all sizes.

I can see the Tempur-Adapt being not only an excellent addition to soften a hard mattress, but also a great way to turn an unforgiving guest futon or RV bunk into a plusher, more premium sleep surface. Just beware that memory foam doesn’t tend to be the coolest material for a bedding layer like this—if you tend to sleep too hot, you might want to try a latex topper instead.

Who It’s Best For

Side Sleepers: A too-firm mattress can cause pressure buildup in the hips and shoulders when sleeping on your side. The Tempur-Adapt topper can lessen the pain by adapting to your body instead of pushing against it.

Memory Foam Lovers: The Tempur-Adapt has that textbook slow-moving memory foam feel—fans of memory foam should immediately recognize the sensation and love this topper.

Tempur-Pedic Fans on a Budget: A mattress topper can completely change the feel of your mattress; for those who want a Tempur-Pedic-feeling mattress but can’t find room in their budget for one, this topper is a good alternative. That said, the topper itself isn’t cheap—we recommend grabbing one through our link, which can score you a good deal.

Who Should Avoid

Hot Sleepers: Memory foam tends to retain heat, and the Tempur-Adapt Topper doesn’t shatter this reputation. The topper sleeps a bit warmer than those who use latex or other materials for cushioning. That said, if you’re concerned about overheating with this topper, you can add the $60 cooling cover for additional breathability and airflow.

Stomach Sleepers: If you sleep on your stomach, you likely need a firmer bed to maintain good alignment. Because the topper is so soft, it can cause your hips to sink down too far for comfort and pain relief while lying on your stomach.

Customer Reviews

  • “The bed that we are sleeping on has lost all support and was making us very uncomfortable if not miserable! We knew we had to do something until we are in a better place financially and started looking for toppers to ‘hold us over.’ The reviews on this product are excellent and of course we have been looking at Tempur-Pedic beds (who wouldn’t) so we made the purchase. It has been a total game changer! We sleep so good and wake up refreshed and without the hip and back pain we were experiencing daily. I love the cooling aspect and this product is proving to be just the thing we needed.” —Cool Mama
  • “I have a bed that adjusts and my old topper used to slip and slide. The Tempur-Pedic topper stays in place. It’s very comfortable and holds its loft. And very little off-gassing when new.” — LJoy
  • “My husband and I both slept great after putting the topper on our bed. I have severe back pain, which the topper did not take away, but it did make it less severe. The topper feels similar to a full Tempurpedic mattress – very supportive and luxurious.” —Happypurchaser

Final Breakdown

The Tempur-Topper is a great one for when you want to add softness to a too-firm mattress—and would prefer that softness take the form of slow-moving, supportive Tempur-Pedic memory foam. We recommend it for side sleepers in particular, due to its abundant pressure relief to the hips and shoulders when curled up. Back sleepers will also find it quite comfortable, provided you enjoy some softness to your sleep surface.

Overall, we find the topper to be super-comfortable and high-quality—so much so that it can amp up the comfort and quality of a sub-optimal sleep setup like a futon bed or RV bunk. Our only quibble is that it’s not the coolest layer, so you might have to buy Tempur’s additional cooling cover for it if you tend to sleep hot. Also note that there are no returns before ordering.