The Casper Mattress

The Casper Mattress

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The Casper Mattress

We have compared, tested and rated more than 50 foam mattresses. See why the Casper mattress is a great all around mattress – particularly for people who tend to change positions throughout the night.

Customer rating:   4.5/5
Mattress advisor score:   9.1/10

Product Details

Twin: 39” x 75”
Twin XL: 39” x 80”
Full: 54” x 75”
Queen: 60” x 80”
King: 76” x 80”
Cal King: 72” x 84”
82 lbs. for queen
Memory foam
Medium-firm: 6/10

Casper Mattress Highlights

  • Casper is one of the early market leaders in the foam mattress space and offers a great universal mattress for the average sleeper.
  • This memory foam mattress promotes airflow, so you won’t get that hot, sinking feeling that you would with traditional memory foams.
  • Casper received a perfect score on responsiveness – meaning it does a great job of adjusting to your body positions as you move throughout the night. This is a great quality for combination sleepers!
  • The Casper team is continually refining its design based on customer feedback and sleep tests; so buying a Casper today doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same one from a couple years ago. Casper’s latest innovation – Zoned Support – is a new foam system that contours high-pressure areas like your hips, shoulders, and core to provide relief and support where it’s needed most.


Purchase Experience

Compressed and rolled in a box
Delivery time
2-7 business days
Trial period
100 days
10-year limited warranty
Return policy
Free returns

What Makes Casper Different?

The Casper mattress was designed so that all of the layers work together to provide a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface. As you work your way down from the very top layer to the bottom foundation layer on the Casper, the foams become firmer.

So what does this mean?

  • When you lay on the Casper, your body weight collapses and pushes air out of the cells – this is also when the more supportive foams kick in and start to work their magic.
  • When the top layer is compressed, the viscoelastic layer underneath it also starts to compress.
  • Then, the transition layer begins compressing, and finally, the base layer of foam engages to provide structure and support.

The cool thing is that your body experiences the actions above on all of the layers at virtually the same time. Science is pretty crazy!

A Look Inside

Casper is made up of four foam blend layers to offer breathability, pressure relief, and a springy yet contouring surface.

  1. 1.5” Open-Cell Foam
  2. 1.5” Responsive Memory Foam
  3. 1.5” Zoned SupportTM layer
  4. 5.0” Durable Support Foam

Mattress Reviews

What Casper Customers Have to Say

I absolutely did not believe I would be sleeping this great. I’ve had low back pain from my mattress for over 6 years. I’ve tried so many different things and can’t believe how good I am sleeping! Now I understand why people look forward to getting in their beds at night. Finally, a comfortable sleeping experience!

- Tyler

Best mattress I have ever owned. I recently moved into a NYC loft studio which only had room for a small Twin XL mattress. As I am a larger individual (6 ft, 260 lbs) I was not looking forward to downsizing from a Queen. However, my new Casper is so supportive and comfortable, I don’t need the extra room – I wake up in the exact same position I fall asleep in – no more tossing and turning!

- John S.

My wife and I both love the bed. I usually prefer a much firmer mattress and my wife prefers a soft mattress, yet we’re both satisfied. The bed was easy to unpack and within minutes was ready for sleeping. Definitely the best value in mattresses!

- Sam K.



How does the 100-night trial work?


You can try the Casper mattress in the comfort of your home for 100 nights from the day you receive it. If you decide to return your Casper within your trial period window, simply contact customer support and they will assist you with the return process. Casper will send a representative to your house to pick up the mattress and either donate it to a local charity or have it recycled.

Once the pickup or donation is confirmed, you will receive a full refund of your original purchase price.


Does the Casper mattress sleep hot?


The Casper mattress is designed to sleep cool. It is made with a breathable comfort foam that allows body heat to flow out of the mattress, instead of getting trapped inside. That being said, Casper is still a foam mattress so it may not sleep as cool as an innerspring or hybrid mattress. This also depends on your personal preferences and how hot you sleep at night. If you do find that the Casper mattress sleeps too hot for you, you can always return it within your 100-night risk-free trial period.


Do I need to be home when my Casper mattress is delivered?


When you place your order for your Casper mattress, the “signature required” box will automatically be checked. If you keep it checked, you will need to be home to sign for the UPS delivery. However, you can uncheck the signature box before checking out to avoid having to be home when your mattress is delivered.

Due to liability issues, UPS does not allow Casper to remove the signature requirement once the box is in transit. So if you prefer not to be home, remember to uncheck that box!


Can I try out the Casper mattress before I buy it?


You sure can! The Casper mattress can be found at a number of retail locations throughout the US. You can even book a trial where you can take a nap on a Casper mattress, talk to a sleep specialist, or just see the mattress for yourself.

You can also see and feel the Casper mattress for yourself in select Target stores. If you like what you see, you can make your purchase right there.