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The Leesa Mattress

Customer Reviews

4.8 / 5 Customer Rating

9 / 10 Mattress Advisor Score



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*Price for a queen with free shipping


Twin: 39" x 75" Twin XL: 36” x 80” Full: 53” x 75” Queen: 60” x 80” King: 76” x 80” Cal King: 72” x 84”


71 lbs. for queen




Compressed and rolled in a box (15” x 15” x 45” for a queen)

Delivered In

3-6 business days



Foam combo


Medium firm: 6/10

Trial Period:

100 days


10-year limited warranty


Sleeps cool, ideal for the average sleeper

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Leesa highlights

  • We think Leesa has mastered the perfect mattress for the “average sleeper” – it offers a great balance between soft and firm, has cooling technology and built-in airflow, and won’t leave you sinking into the foam like quicksand.

What makes it different from other mattresses

  • While other mattresses claim to have cooling gels or top layers to keep you from sweaty slumber, Leesa’s perforated top layer actually promotes airflow and breathability, ensuring that your body heat won’t get trapped.
  • When you buy a Leesa mattress, you can rest easy in more ways than one: for every 10 mattresses sold, a bed is donated to those in need, and for every purchase made, a new tree is planted.

What Leesa customers have to say

  • My only regret is not buying this bed earlier. It’s the perfect blend of supportive but soft. Sleeping on the stomach, side or back are all very comfortable. We love it!” – Erin S.
  • “I’m not gifted with the right words to write this review. It’s soft yet firm? Inviting but not overwhelming? Cool yet comforting? All I know is it’s perfect, and I love it.” – Phoebe S.
  • “I certainly like the change in sleeping since purchase of the Leesa mattress. I use a fit bit tracker most of the time and that device monitors both resting heartrate and sleep patterns. Since using the leesa mattress, my resting HR now averages ~ 55 BPM vs 62 BPM before. My HR monitor also records sleep disturbances and times awake during the night. Sleep disturbances and “awakes” have also been significantly reduced, all thanks to leesa.” – Robert B.

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