7 Reasons Why Casper’s Dreamery Did Not Disappoint

I visited Casper’s new nap room in Soho and now I’m convinced that scheduled naps should be part of everyone’s daily routine

I’ll be honest – when I first heard that Casper was opening a new nap room and charging $25 for a 45-minute nap, I was a bit skeptical. But after experiencing The Dreamery for myself, I am down for this. In fact, I’m such a believer that I feel like I need to start a petition to bring this to my own city. (Hey Casper, want to open one of these in Raleigh?)

Entry way to Casper dreamery
Casper Dreamery entry way

There are many things that were pleasantly surprising about this experience, but here are my top 7.

1. There are many scenarios where a 45-minute nap is a good idea

Ok, so I had a game plan when visiting the Dreamery: to see what all this buzz was really about and report back to my readers. But when I left the Dreamery, I got to thinking about all the scenarios where a 45-minute nap at a dedicated “nap lounge” would be a really good idea. Here’s a few that come to mind:

  • You need a reset in your day: Ever have one of those days where you just need a do-over? One of the best ways to recharge your mind and body is to take a nap. Going to a dedicated location (rather than your house) is a good way to avoid distractions and get right to it.
  • You had a long night the night before. I remember the days where I could stay out late and be totally fine at work the next day. Those days are long gone. If you did some celebrating the night before, why not use your lunch break to get in a quick nap? Your mind and body (and probably your boss) will thank you.
  • You just need to get away. Maybe you have weekend visitors and can’t keep your eyes open, but don’t want to be rude. Why not say you’re running a quick errand and get some shut-eye?
  • You just got off a RedEye. Sometimes your travel plans can leave you feeling groggy and tired. If you just got off an early flight and don’t have the luxury of time to get back to your place before heading to work, The Dreamery can be a great option for recharging and refreshing. P.S. You can also brush your teeth and wash your face here.

There are more to add to this list, I’m sure. But you have to admit, we’ve all been at least one of these scenarios where a nap was just what we needed.

2. You don’t actually have to nap

Before I walked into The Dreamery, I was talking to a Casper employee who had been polling customers on whether or not they actually fell asleep. Many of them claimed that they didn’t. But they still found the 45 minutes relaxing, therapeutic and in many cases, just what they needed.

The Dreamery is what you make of it. So if you can’t keep your eyes open and a nap is in order, then that’s how you should use your time. But if you just need a mental break or a quiet place to recharge, then it’s great for that too. And if you need some help turning off the outside world, you can bring your headphones and listen to special sleep audio from Headspace.

I personally found myself dozing off a few times but I was all about the 45 minutes of relaxation in a cozy nap pod.

3. It’s an escape

The Dreamery is designed with a very intentional layout and flow. When you walk through the doors, you actually enter through a tunnel that mimics a night sky with stars. It’s symbolic of leaving the “real world” behind for a little break.

The lobby has a fun and quirky vibe to it but still feels serene. It reminded me of a spa more than a retail store. You’re greeted by friendly staff and other customers who are pretty stoked to take a nap.

You’re then guided to the changing rooms/restrooms where you can change out of your “real life” clothes and into some cozy pajamas. This is also where you can brush your teeth and wash your face with some fancy products, but we’ll get to that part later.

From there, you’re directed to the nap pod via a convenient floor sign that reads “to bed” with an arrow. And this is where it really feels like you enter a new dimension. The nap pod room feels a little like outer space. It’s dark, quiet and magical – a pretty perfect recipe for a good nap.

Casper Dreamery lobby
Casper Dreamery lobby

4. It’s personal

When you hear the words “nap room” you might think of kindergarten class where you awkwardly lie down next to the kid with snot coming out of his nose for 30 minutes. Well, the Casper nap room is pretty much the exact opposite. In fact, it’s a very personal experience.

Even before you walk into the pods, Casper employees make sure that no more than two customers are getting ready at the same time to avoid congestion. When you step into the nap pod area, you’re guided to your personal pod and left to be alone. Your pillow even has a little greeting card with your name on it.

The nap area is a very quiet space – in fact, that’s the only rule in The Dreamery: no talking. So it’s easy to relax, shut the world out and take a nap (if you so choose).

What’s more personal than 45 minutes to yourself in your own little pod with literally no distractions? Not much.

5. You get some cool swag

Aside from a cozy pod with comfortable bedding, there are some other perks you get when you take a nap at The Dreamery. For starters, you have the option of borrowing a pair of pajamas if you’d rather nap in something more comfortable. The pajamas, along with the bedding, are washed after every use.

Each customer will also receive a handful of facewash, serums, and creams from Sunday Riley. I actually loved these so much that I ordered the full-size bottles later (which is most definitely what Sunday Riley wanted to happen). You can either use them before or after your nap or take them home with you for later.

There’s also a shelf filled with ear plugs, toothbrushed, toothpaste, combs, eye masks and extra pillows that you can collect as you wish before stepping into the pod. Everything is yours to keep, with the exception of the extra pillows.

6. You can schedule ahead, or walk right in

The Dreamery accommodates both intentional planners and the spontaneous types alike. You can either book an appointment on The Dreamery website or through ClassPass, or just walk right in. An appointment will guarantee your nap slot, while a walk-in may result in a wait…but you do have a cool lounge to hang out in.

The earliest nap session you can book is 11:30 a.m. and the latest nap session is 7:00 p.m.

7. You can refuel after your nap to tackle the rest of your day

After your nap (or relaxation session) you can refuel with a complimentary cold cold brew, La Croix, or energy snacks like bars and nuts. As you can see from the menu, bedhead and “pure joy” are also complimentary.

Casper dreamery board

In summary, I thought this nap room idea was going to be weird. I wasn’t sure who would pay $25 for a nap, but I get it now. And other people are getting it too. In fact, before and after my nap session, I saw decent foot traffic in the lobby. Casper employees claimed that they’ve been keeping busy at The Dreamery (in that peaceful, zen kind of way).

And the more I thought about it, it didn’t seem that bizarre of a concept. We schedule workouts, haircuts, massages – so why not naps?

The Dreamery by Casper is located at 196 Mercer St. in New York. Click here to learn more or book an appointment for your nap!

The mattresses used in The Dreamery are the original Casper mattress. Read our Casper mattress review here.