I work for a company that reviews mattresses. Here's how it changed the way I sleep.

By Kealia Reynolds
I don’t review mattresses, but I know people who do. So when it came time to buy a new mattress, I knew just who to ask.  I’m a side-sleeper, and I decided to try their top-rated foam mattress. I love it(!), and I don’t regret saving a couple thousand dollars in the process.

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What's all the fuss? Apparently it's not just me. Leesa has sold over 300,000 mattresses and has over 10,000 5-star reviews.

When it’s time for a new mattress, some people go to the store to try out different options and find one they like. All I had to do was walk to the other side of the office.

It seems like every other day, I see my colleagues carrying in a new “bed-in-a-box” to test out. They’ve tested more than 100 of the most popular mattress brands out there. I happened to be in the market and was paying attention. 

The Leesa mattress definitely caught my attention. 

Of all the mattresses they’ve tested and I got to try, none of them quite did it like the Leesa mattress. You can easily find similar memory foam mattresses, online and in stores, costing both more and less than the Leesa. But not all mattresses are created equal. It’s hard to come by a company that gives the care and effort that went into researching the perfect mattress materials and developing best-in-class technology that Leesa offers its customers. 

For reasons like price, comfort, quality and addressing the needs of so many sleepers, the Leesa is a great choice.

Mattress Advisor Testing: Not only did the Leesa become my personal favorite, it scored really well on all of their tests.

Knowing what works

You get to know what works when there is constantly a pile of mattresses to roll around on in a spare moment. Do I have a few minutes left on my lunch break?  Maybe I’ll just take a load off on latest mattress to arrive. It’s a real thing.

I learned a long time ago that it’s not worth going cheap on items that you want to stand the test of time.  This is especially true when it comes to something that you may very well spend a third of your every day on. So needless to say, I wanted to get it right.

While I still may not be an “expert” just by association, I’ve picked up a few things. Regardless, my colleagues are and I feel good about their research. This is what we know.

My experience with Leesa

I—a side sleeper who had never personally owned a memory foam mattress before—had been looking for a new mattress for a few months. I had heard of the potential issues with a memory foam mattress—namely varying degrees of actual support and overheating.

But my co-workers told me how far memory foam mattress companies had advanced with their technology to address those problems.

Leesa touted its mattress as the result of 200 prototypes worth of effort to perfect its memory foam technology, at a price that felt lower than it should feel given the quality of materials. There are innerspring mattresses out there that cost more than $3,000. Expensive equals quality, right? So paying roughly $995 for a Leesa mattress would equal less quality?


The flagship Leesa mattress promised it could deliver comfort and support. It also promised it could do that for a range of sleep positions. The Leesa achieves that lofty ambition with a thoughtful combination of layers that bounced and supported me like an innerspring but cradled my hips and shoulders as a traditional memory mattress foam would.

The materials Leesa uses are such high quality. The cover alone is made of the same material as the lovely Leesa blanket, which is so soft it feels indulgent to use it a mattress cover. 

Comforting Support I saw this image on the Leesa website but from my own experience, I think it really captures exactly how it feels to lie on a Leesa

The Leesa mattress has a 2-inch top layer made with proprietary LSA200Foam Technology, which Leesa designed to provide unmatched responsiveness and superior pressure relief when it works in tandem with its second layer: contouring memory foam. Often times foam mattresses are slower to respond to your body movements, causing a lack of support. The LSA200 foam has had record recovery rates in a series of extensive testing.

This springy foam also supports all sleeping positions, so regardless if you’re a back, stomach or side sleeper, you can find comfort on the Leesa mattress. I sleep on my side. So if my mattress doesn’t have the right level of support or pressure relief, my pressure points feel everything underneath causing soreness and pain in the morning. After waking up on my Leesa for the past few months, I forget with that pain and achiness even felt like. 

And the bottom layer is a 6-inch support layer of high-density foam. It holds the mattress up without feeling like a slab of concrete. That’s the secret behind the mattress’ ability to accommodate the varying firmness requirements for back, side and stomach sleepers.

Receiving the Leesa

Receiving the mattress was so easy. It came with free and fast delivery, a 100-day trial period and free returns.

I needed a leasing option and it came with a great one (about $60 per month for my queen size) in partnership with the company Affirm. It takes a few minutes to enter some information straight from the Leesa website, which promises the credit check will not affect your overall credit score.

The mattress also came from a company that long ago committed itself to social causes like donating mattresses to homeless shelters and planting trees in our communities.

Those are five things strongly working in Leesa’s favor from the buying experience alone. Delivery was similarly efficient. You don’t need to wait on delivery service since the Leesa mattress came rolled and compressed inside a box. (You can upgrade to white glove service, where delivery people handle it for you if you’d like.)

It took me and a friend some five minutes to unpack the mattress and see it take its shape. I needed a pair of scissors to cut off the plastic wrap. It only took a few minutes before I’d laid on top of it and had a bit of a roll-around. It took less than an hour for the mattress to reach its full 10-inch height.

Within a week, I had put the Leesa through its paces.

  • I sleep on my side and needed to avoid soreness and pain. Check.
  • I like to watch videos from my iPad lying on my stomach in bed and needed something that wouldn’t swallow me up. Check.
  • Could I sit on the edge while chatting with someone or getting dressed in the morning without falling off from a lack of edge support? Yes, check.

The Leesa would be a great match for couples because of the great edge support and because it limits motion transfer so well. Partners can sleep on the edges without feeling like they’re going over the side. And one partner won’t be disturbed out of their sleep when the other has to use the restroom at night or get up earlier than the other for work.

Looking ahead

I believe a mattress not only helps determine how well someone sleeps but ultimately feels when they wake up. When one-third of Americans are sleep deprived, paying so much attention to a mattress is no folly – especially when sleep deprivation can lead to poor physical and mental health.

I have every buying decision resource at my fingertips and I chose a Leesa. And if you demand a majority opinion, look no further than Amazon reviews which average 4 out of 5 stars. Other users back my enthusiasm for this great memory foam mattress.

I could have sent the Leesa mattress back for free within 100 days, but I was convinced after one week. And I think you will be too. 

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