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WinkBed Mattress Reviews

WinkBed Mattress Reviews

Learn more about the WinkBeds mattress options, identify the best choice, and start sleeping better.

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The WinkBed mattress, and its bed-in-a-box collection, offers a variety of products all designed to appeal to different sleeping positions, firmness level and motion transfer requirements, and much more. 

In this WinkBed mattress review, we will discuss all of the different mattress models along with other important points that will truly enable your mattress shopping experience and improve your decision making.

Why trust us?

Here at Mattress Advisor, it is our goal to help you identify the best mattress for your sleeping needs no matter if you are a side sleeper, suffer from back pain, are a combination sleeper, or seek to ensure both you and your partner get a good night’s rest. To reach this goal, we put mattresses through rigorous testing that not only looks at the mattress itself but also the company that manufactures it. 

So, as you continue reading this WinkBed mattress review, know that we put each mattress through a 6-point testing procedure along with an 8-point evaluation in our Mattress Lab. We performed human performance tests, evaluated the materials used in the mattresses, the manufacturer’s purchase and return processes, customer service scores, as well as brand integrity. Know that we did all of this for you. We want you to feel confident and rest assured that you purchased the best mattress for your sleeping requirements.

WinkBeds Mattress Models

winkbed lux firm mattress 1

The WinkBed Mattress (Original)

The original Winkbed is a hybrid mattress that harnesses some of the premier sleep technology available on the market today. It features fantastic edge support via dual innerspring mattress layers as well as the cushioned, soft comfort that is usually found in speciality foam mattresses. Additionally, this mattress delivers high-quality breathability to keep you cool at night, pressure relief, and a body contouring support system. The mattress offers a variety of firmness options including softer, luxury firm, firmer, and plus.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Specifics: 4 layers, 14”
  • Price Range: $1049-$1849
  • ✅ Best For: Combination and hot sleepers
winkbeds memory lux


Formerly known as the MemoryLux, the GravityLux by WinkBed mattresses is a memory foam mattress designed to help hot sleepers remain cool. It’s breathable foam sets this bed apart from its competitors. In fact, the foam retains zero heat, plus with seven support layers, you will be able to find plush support while also realizing firm support of your back, midsection, and hips. The deep contouring memory foam prevents sinkage, sagging, and delivers perfect spine alignment.

  • Type: AIRCELL™ Memory FOAM
  • Specifics: 4 layers, 12”
  • Price Range: $1099-$1799
  • ✅ Best For: Combination and Hot sleepers
winkbeds ecocloud

EcoCloud Hybrid

The EcoCloud Hybrid is a breathable latex mattress made with 100% natural bedding materials. There are absolutely no synthetic foams, fillers, glues, dyes, or fibers used in the construction of this mattress. The hybrid mattress combines an innerspring pocketed coil support layer, which helps relieve pressure points spanning your back and joints, with Talalay latex. While this mattress comes with a higher price point, its five zones allow for quality weight distribution.

  • Type: Latex
  • Specifics: 3 layers, 13”
  • Price Range: $1299-$2199
  • ✅ Best For: Combination and Hot sleepers, Larger people

Which WinkBeds Mattress is Best for Me?

Best Mattress by Lifestyle

As we’ve previously noted, each WinkBeds mattress has some pretty unique perks and features—as well as a variety of price points. Some WinkBeds mattresses address the needs of sleepers who require motion isolation, others still offer back support, varied firmness options, coolcontrol benefits, and much more. As evidenced in the chart below, WinkBeds can meet a variety of lifestyle needs, and there truly is a choice for all types of mattress shoppers. 

We encourage you to keep reading these WinkBeds mattress reviews so you can make the best call when purchasing your new mattress.

Original WinkBed GravityLux EcoCloud Hybrid
Budget Shoppers
Hot Sleepers
Plus-Size Sleepers
Low-Back Pain

Just because a model has an ‘X’ beside it doesn’t mean that mattress won’t perform for your needs, it just means it’s not the best in this area.

Best WinkBeds by Sleep Position

Every single person has different sleeping needs, and of course sleeping positions vary greatly. As such, it is necessary to ensure you are aware of if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination sleeper when you are seeking to make a new mattress purchase. 

As it pertains to the WinkBed mattress collection, this chart demonstrates that the majority of sleepers can find comfort and support with the WinkBed Original, the GravityLux, and with the EcoCloud Hybrid mattresses. However, the one group that might want to keep looking at other mattress options are stomach sleepers. The WinkBed mattresses might not be the best mattress for that particular sleeping position.

Original WinkBed GravityLux EcoCloud Hybrid
Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers
Stomach Sleepers
Combination Sleepers

To compare how WinkBeds mattresses stack up against the competition, head over to our guides by sleeping position.

What’s Inside WinkBeds?

The WinkBeds mattresses collection all feature foam layers and cooling tencel covers. The WinkBed Original and the EcoCloud Hybrid also have a pocket coil system used in their construction.

Model Firmness What’s Inside?  Height Weight (for queen)
Original WInkBed Medium-firm: 6/10 2 foam layers

1 pocket coil system

1 cooling fabric layer

14″ 111 lbs.
GravityLux Medium-firm: 6.5/10 3 foam layers

1 cooling fabric layer

12″ 77 lbs.
EcoCloud Hybrid Medium: 5/10 1 foam layer

1 pocket coil system

1 cooling fabric layer

13″ 117 lbs.

WinkBeds Company Information

Based in Watertown, Wisconsin, and with all mattress products made in the USA, WinkBeds mattress company is proud of its organization’s history and its ability to deliver handmade-to-order mattresses to sleepers. The mattress maker only uses materials that are sourced in America, meaning you can sleep easy knowing that you helped USA-based workers and are resting on a true piece of lasting American craftsmanship. 

Additionally, the company has a mission and a vision that they hold dear. They believe that a better mattress has the ability to improve your life and that you shouldn’t spend time sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t help you achieve whole body health and wellness. That is why WinkBeds claims that they are in the wellness industry—not the mattress industry.

Their entire business model is centered on connecting with consumers directly and offering the highest quality craftsmanship as opposed to mass production and cut corners. WinkBeds places integrity and ethics first—and as a whole, believes that doing things right is the only way to run their business. In turn, all of this allows you to achieve true peace of mind, knowing that the mattress you are sleeping on, as well as the company that made it, really has your back—literally and figuratively.

WinkBeds Mattress Sizes

Size Dimensions
Twin 39” x 75”
Twin XL 39” x 80”
Full 54” x 75”
Queen 60” x 80”
King 76” x 80”
California King 72” x 84”

WinkBeds Mattress Prices

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
WinkBed $1049 $1149 $1299 $1599 $1799 $1849
GravityLux $1099 $1199 $1399 $1599 $1799 $1799
EcoCloud Hybrid $1299 $1399 $1499 $1799 $2199 $2199


WinkBeds mattresses offers financing to mattress shoppers. When you go to checkout on Winkbeds.com you will be given the chance to finance your purchase through Bread and pay as little as $200 per month with 0% APR. Bread offers early payback options on your loan and there is never a penalty for paying early. Additionally, if you want to see if you qualify for financing, your credit score will not be impacted as a soft inquiry is completed to check your rate.


These bed-in-a-box mattresses are compressed, rolled, and shipped to your door. Free ground shipping is offered by WinkBeds mattresses to shoppers located within the 48 lower United States. Depending on where you might live in the contiguous USA it takes about two weeks, on average, to receive your new mattress

It’s also important to keep in mind that overall shipping time is impacted because each mattress is made to order. Also, if you live in Alaska or Hawaii, we encourage you to call the company directly to find out about shipping information and pricing to your location.

The delivery service is free and it will be handled by a shipping partner of WinkBeds. Your new mattress and any accessories will be brought to your front door or to the ground floor of your apartment building. Free delivery does not include installation of your new mattress or carrying the mattress up staircases.

White glove delivery service is also available. You will be responsible for paying for white glove delivery service, a $49 charge. This service includes the removal of your old mattress as well as set up of your new mattress

Trial and Warranty

All WinkBeds mattresses offer a 120-night trial period. If you decide that you do not love your new mattress, you can return your WinkBed for a full refund. Additionally, mattress returns will be picked up for free, and at a time that is convenient for you. The only thing that WinkBeds asks is that you try your new mattress out for at least 30 days before you initiate a return. 

Also, know that accessories are not covered by the 120-night sleep trial, this includes the Platform Foundation, the Cotton Sheet set, the BreatheCool mattress protector, the Heavy Duty Bed Frame, and The WinkBase.

Should you decide your current mattress isn’t the right one for you, decide on a different mattress option and give WinkBeds a call; they can assist in helping you understand if you need a firmer or softer mattress. Your mattress will be picked up and exchanged—and in turn, the old mattress that didn’t work out for you will be donated to a worthy charity or responsibly recycled. What’s more is that you will not have to wait for your new mattress, it will be delivered at the exact same time that the other mattress is picked up. Your new mattress will come with a 60-night sleep trial period

The lifetime warranty on your WinkBeds mattress is only considered in effect if you are the original purchaser. Additionally, please make sure you keep a copy of your receipt in order for your warranty to be honored. The warranty applies to all mattresses purchased directly from WinkBeds.com as well as authorized retailers such as Amazon. It covers against material and workmanship defects and is limited to one replacement per mattress purchased. 

The warranty does not cover damage from improper usage, incompatible accessories, and the weight of sleepers that goes beyond recommended capacities. Additionally, the warranty does not cover physical abuse, liquid damage, cuts or tears, fire damage, stains, etc. For complete warranty information and to print a copy of the warranty for future reference visit winkbeds.com.



Can I try a WinkBeds mattress in person?


Yes. If you want to try a WinkBeds mattress before you buy, visit The SleePare Showroom in New York City or at Tyson’s Corner in McLean, Virginia. You can also go to The Sleep Sherpa Showroom in Edina, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois, or Austin, Texas. Our Sleep Guide Austin Showroom is also a physical location available to you. 


Does a Winkbed mattress have a fire barrier?


Yes, like all mattresses sold in the USA, a fire barrier is present in a Winkbeds mattress. The WinkBed Original and the GravityLux mattresses offer an all natural fire barrier composed of cotton and rayon. A natural wool fire barrier is present in the EcoCloud Hybrid. 


How long does it take to receive my new bed after I purchase?


All of the WinkBeds mattresses are made to order after you purchase. Therefore, expect a two week turnaround time, on average, from the time you place your order until you receive your new mattress delivery. 


Does a WinkBeds mattress need to be flipped?


While your new mattress will likely take a brief period of time to be broken in and adjust to the contours of your body, the majority of WinkBeds mattress are not made to be flipped. However, the WinkBed Firmer and The GravityLux Firm can be flipped as they both have an extra-firm bottom sleep surface. 


Should the mattress be rotated?


Yes. In order to extend the life of your new mattress and to ensure that the foam breaks in correctly, rotate your mattress every two weeks during the first three months of use. After that, rotate every two months.


How should a WinkBed mattress be cleaned?


Simply use a vacuum on your new mattress to remove dust and dander. This is the only cleaning method that is recommended by the manufacturer.  


Can WinkBeds make a custom mattress for me?


Unfortunately, no, custom size mattresses are not offered. However, all standard sizes including California King and Twin XL are offered. 


Do WinkBeds mattresses help people with back problems?


Yes, for back pain sufferers, WinkBed mattresses offer relief of pressure points and comfort layers that deliver support foam.


Can I use my WinkBeds mattress immediately upon delivery?


Yes, setup is quick and easy and off-gassing is minimal, meaning you can start sleeping on your new mattress the day you receive it.

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