Xtreme Comforts Pillow Review

In this review, you’ll learn all about the SlimSleeper Xtreme Comforts shredded memory foam pillow.

By Loren Bullock

Aug 26th, 2022

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

[By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.]

You may have seen ads for popular memory foam pillows like MyPillow, Snuggle-Pedic, or Coop Home Goods. So what makes the Xtreme Comforts pillow so special? That’s what we’ll talk about in this review, including who we think will sleep better on this pillow and who should keep shopping. Keep reading for info on the materials, special features, trial period, and pricing.

What’s Inside the Xtreme Comforts Pillow?

Xtreme Comforts was founded by people who wanted to resolve their own back pain issues. They’re goal is to give your spine proper support, 24/7. They sell a diverse collection of high quality memory foam products, including bed pillows, travel pillows, and home office back and neck support cushions. Their Xtreme Comforts pillow is one of their most popular offerings, and is made in the USA

Original vs SlimSleeper

First, we need to distinguish between the original Xtreme Comforts pillow and the Slim Sleeper Xtreme Comforts pillow. The original and the SlimSleeper use the exact same materials, but the Slim Sleeper is a few inches thinner (5” vs 7”). It’s a more comfortable pillow for stomach sleepers, who need less foam filling for their ideal low loft. 

Also the original pillow has a zipper you can use to adjust the loft level, while the SlimSleeper doesn’t have that feature. I’m pretty bummed that the SlimSleeper version isn’t adjustable because 5” is a bit too high for my comfort when I’m on my stomach. Still, the memory foam fill can be easily molded into a comfortable position.


The SlimSleeper pillow has a polyester, lycra, and bamboo cover. Polyester and bamboo textiles have a plush, silky hand feel, and lycra adds flexibility. The cover is so soft that you don’t technically need a pillowcase; however, I always use one to keep my pillow covers clean for longer.

Xtreme Comforts developed a special Kool Flow weave for their pillow covers. The design is micro-vented, meaning it has lots of tiny holes that drastically improve breathability. When air can move freely through the pillow case, it allows heat to dissipate instead of lingering under your head. I love these types of features because it keeps me from waking up with sweat-soaked hair and reduces the number of times I have to launder my pillow.

Another benefit of using bamboo and polyester is that the cover is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and dust mite resistant. Dust mites and other common allergens can really put a damper on quality sleep, so I always look for pillows that repel microscopic freeloaders. 


The inside of the SlimSleeper is also breathable. Xtreme Comforts uses only top notch memory foam that is Certipur-US certified. The foam is shredded, so it has the soft, airy feel of a down pillow. While I wouldn’t consider the SlimSleeper my go-to down alternative pillow, it’s definitely a noteworthy option if you’re looking.

The fill is broken into crumbly, popcorn-shaped pieces. They don’t clump together in the corners, but are pretty easily moldable. I like how the medium-soft memory foam is easily compressed without going flat. It inflates back to its original shape after pressure is removed.

Another big bonus about this pillow’s construction is that it is entirely machine washable. Literally, you toss the whole thing into the washing machine and then the dryer on high. If your washing machine doesn’t do a great job of spinning all the water out of the foam, it may take a few rounds in the dryer to get the pillow totally dry. Fortunately, the company recommends only washing their pillows once every 6 months.

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What We Love About It

  • Ideal for Stomach Sleepers: If you sleep on your stomach, or end up there at some point during the night, you need a pillow with low loft. Xtreme Comforts intentionally designed the SlimSleeper with a 5” height – rather than 7”, like the original. This sleeping position already puts stress on the nerves in your neck, so good spinal alignment is crucial for avoiding nasty neck pain.
  • Cooling Pillow: The bamboo pillow cover is micro-vented, which improves air circulation from front to back. Also, shredded memory foam creates small pockets of air through the bulk of the pillow. The combo of a breathable cover and air pockets in the foam allows heat to escape from under your head.
  • Contouring: The best bed pillows contour snuggly under your head and neck. The SlimSleeper does this really well, particularly if you are a stomach or back sleeper. The foam pieces can be manipulated into just the right shape, and they do a pretty good job of staying put all night.

Product Info

Sizes and Prices

Xtreme Comfort offers their SlimSleeper pillow model in 3 sizes and price points.

  • Standard size: 17” x 23” x 5”, $59.99
  • Queen size: 18” x 26” x 5”, $64.99
  • King size: 18” x 33” x 5”, $69.99

Shipping and Returns

You get free shipping on your Xtreme Comfort orders as long as you live in the U.S. Once you place an order, you can expect your item to be delivered within 10 business days.

If you need to return your pillow for whatever reason, Xtreme Comforts offers a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days after your purchase. You need to have your copy of the receipt or proof of purchase. As long as your returned pillow is in good condition, you’ll get a full refund on your original form of payment.

If you bought your Xtreme Comforts pillow from one of their authorized retailers, you’ll need to check with the retailer about their return policy. 

Trial and Warranty

You get a full month—or 30 days—to decide whether or not the SlimSleeper is the perfect pillow for you. During the trial period, you can return the pillow for a full refund (minus shipping costs). After 30 days, your pillow is covered by a 6-year warranty. Make sure to register your product for the warranty on the Xtreme Comforts website. 

Customer Reviews

  • “I am really enjoying this pillow. It supports my neck but has enough give to be comfortable. It is cool to the touch and holds its shape very well.” – Kelli P.
  • “I’m a stomach sleeper. This pillow is wonderful. It has taken away my neck and shoulder issues.” – Robin M.
  • “I normally don’t like memory foam pillows, but these are different since they aren’t molded in a particular form. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night, every night like I used to with cotton stuffed pillows. My neck feels like it has less strain on it and hurts less than normal.” – Kendra G.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Cooling: The micro-vented cover and shredded foam pieces allow for lots of cooling airflow through all sides of the pillow Not Adjustable: A 5” loft may be too high for some stomach sleepers, and the fill isn’t adjustable
Easy Care: The entire pillow is machine washable and can be dried or fluffed in your dryer Off-Gassing: You may notice a slight off-gassing odor after unboxing
All Positions: Shredded memory foam pieces can be molded to suit your sleep position Lumps: Some customers found the shredded foam filling to be a little lumpy



What does Certipur-US certified mean?


Foams that are Certipur-US certified have to pass several inspections that prove the foam was manufactured with low (VOC) Volatile Organic Compound emissions and other chemicals, including ozone depleters, toxic flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates, and formaldehyde.


Why does my pillow look flat after I unbox it?


Xtreme comfort vacuum seals and rolls all of their memory foam pillows. It can take between 30 minutes to a few hours for the pillow to completely inflate. Once inflated, it should stay nice and fluffy.


How do I get rid of off-gassing scents when my pillow is brand new?


Off-gassing occurs entirely in the foam factory, but if you notice a slight scent from your memory foam pillow after unwrapping it, put it in the dryer for 20 minutes with a few dryer sheets. You can also let it air out for a day or two before using it.


How do I fluff up my Xtreme Comforts Pillow?


Sometimes memory foam can lose plumpness over time and use. If you notice that your pillow is getting a little flat, you can manually fluff it up by grabbing the ends and repeatedly squishing the pillow core together. Alternatively, you can pop it in the dryer on high for 20-30 minutes as often as you need.


Will using the SlimSleeper eliminate my neck pain and migraines?


No bedding company can guarantee that their pillow will cure symptoms of poor spinal alignment. Finding the right pillow for your sleeping style is the best bet. Xtreme Comforts does its part to design pillows that prioritize spinal health, and they’re confident you’ll sleep better and notice less muscle or nerve pain in the morning.

Final Breakdown

The SlimSleeper pillow offers enough attractive features to make it worth a try. Besides having a cooling cover and moldable memory foam fill, it’s hypoallergenic, completely machine washable, and reasonably priced – not to mention that you pay the lowest price you can find!

On the flip side, it doesn’t have some of the cooling features that other shredded memory foam pillows have, such as gel infused foam and temperature regulating covers. It’s also not adjustable, so you have to work with the fill level you get.

Sleep Position

I would recommend Xtreme Comfort’s SlimSleeper pillow to stomach sleepers and back sleepers. The loft level works best for those sleeping positions. I don’t think it would adequately support a side sleeper, but if that’s your sleeping position, you can instead opt for the original Xtreme Comforts adjustable bamboo memory foam pillow.


I would also recommend this pillow to budget-hunters. The price is already pretty reasonable for a high-quality pillow, and with free shipping and a price match promise, you can pay even less. If you don’t end up liking the pillow, you can return it within 30 days. If you decide to keep the pillow, Xtreme Comfort protects it under warranty for 6 years.   


Xtreme Comfort gives a nod to cooling technology in their shredded memory foam pillows, and that may be enough for the average sleeper. If you run extra hot when you sleep, consider Xtreme Comfort’s gel fiber filled pillow with an extra cooling cover.

Overall, the SlimSleeper works well as a standard shredded memory foam pillow. It’s comfy, affordable, and worth your notice.