Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring Mattress

By Mark Thompson

While a lot of people focus directly on the overall quality of the mattress and the bedding they have for their overall sleep quality, there’s things that a lot of people don’t think about. For example, when’s the last time you replaced or thought about the quality of your box spring foundation? This is often overlooked and that’s a big mistake, because this is essentially what drastically improves your overall quality of sleep.

A low budget and poorly constructed box spring mattress foundation will be detrimental to your overall quality of sleep, no matter how high of quality your mattress is. Even the highest quality mattress can deteriorate over time if you subject it to a poor foundation. The Zinus 9 inch high profile smart box spring comes at a relatively fair pricing point and is highly reviewed as one of the best sellers on Amazon for box spring mattress foundations, so we just had to get our hands on it and try it out.

Having a 9 inch mattress foundation is impressive and we wanted to make sure that this product held true to its word as one of the best sellers on Amazon. The structure provided is made of steel and is highly durable. You can fit just about anything you want on this box spring and it’s never going to fold or cave on you. It’ll also never wear and tear. The welding work on the box was beautifully done and quite impressive in a way.

While no one likes to do their own assembly or have to do assembly at all, the assembly was surprisingly easy and was done in just a few short simple steps. The traditional box spring has a unique look to them and that’s not something that Zinus wanted to abandon, so they kept that traditional look. However, Zinus decided to use a very strong steel material to form the box instead of the cheap metal that most box springs come with, so the quality and the durability of the frame is highly durable.


The overall durability of the frame is solid as a rock. There’s not much we can say in terms of durability because the thing is made of pure hard steel. Most box frames are made of cheap metallic material and they tend to bend and wear. One of the biggest struggles for larger customers is finding a box spring that will allow them to lay on the bed without a lot of squeaking or damage to the bed.

Whether you’re doing your business on the bed or whether you’re just trying to lay down, heavier customers often find that when you lay down, the bed either squeaks or the frame will start to cave in. Thankfully with the Zinus 9 Inch Smart Box Spring, this isn’t an issue. Even if you do ever have an issue with the durability of the box spring, Zinus has absolutely amazing customer support and always answers every single person that has a complaint or concern right away.

Features of the Zinus Smart Box Spring Mattress

Structure – The integrity of the structure presented in this frame is one of the best we’ve ever seen. We review a lot of beds and a lot of us love to sleep in late, so we take our frame reviews seriously. The overall structure of the Zinus 9 inch is thoroughly impressive. You can throw just about anything at it (even though we don’t recommend doing that) and it holds up through thick and thin. It’s an impressive frame with unparalleled structure and the ability to withstand an enormous amount of pressure.

Packaging – The packaging is nice and convenient as well. It’s not too large and it’s not too heavy when it arrives at your front door. You’ll be able to easily get it into your home and get it all setup for your convenience.

Assembly – While no one likes to do assembly, the overall assembly of this bed is relatively easy and done in a few simple steps. The frame is made mostly of heavy duty steel and a lot of the work is already done for you. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions included with your guide and you’ll have your bed setup in no time. Depending on what you order, you may need more room than other frames because there’s a twin, twin XL, full, queen, King and California King available.

Limited Warranty – It’s always nice to have a warranty attached to a product, even if it’s one of the bestselling products on a popular website. This product proudly supports a 5 year limited warranty that will ease your mind and will help you replace anything that’s broken, if that ever happens. You’d have to be doing something seriously wrong to break something on this frame.


The biggest pro worth mentioning even though we’ve gone over it is the overall steel structure of the frame presented in the bed because it’s unparalleled to what we see in the market today in terms of integrity which allows more weight to be applied to the frame

The packaging comes very conveniently packed and easy to unfold for your convenience so you don’t have to spend an hour trying to get the thing out of the box

The tools needed for assembly, although the assembly is short and easy is included right there in the box

Has a nice 5 year limited warranty so if you’re ever concerned about the overall quality or the frame gets damaged in any way, you can always return it to get it repaired or have replacement parts sent to your house with no cost to you at all

Comes in different sizes all the way from the twin size to the California King and all of them are available for a nice economically friendly price as well

Is sized up nicely with 9 inches between the frame and the mattress you put on top of the box spring so that you’ll have a nice level of padding and you won’t even be able to tell that there’s a box spring on there


The cover of the box spring is a little tedious to get on as some users have pointed out and most recommend never removing it once you do get it on

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I weigh over 300 pounds, can I stand on this box spring without doing any damage to it?

A: While there’s been no official or confirmed reports of damaging the box spring by standing on it, we highly recommend not doing this for quite a few reasons. First of all, it’s dangerous and second of all, box springs were not meant to be stood on as no bed part is. There’s really no reason to stand or jump on the bed unless you’re a hyper kid on Christmas trying to wake your parents up. Do not jump or stand on this bed even though you’ll more than likely not affect the box.

Q: Will this frame hold up for bigger couples?

A: Yes, this frame is perfectly fine for larger couples or individuals. We’ve seen reports of people who are 200-300 pounds who say they have absolutely no issues while utilizing this frame. Even if you’re over 6 feet tall or over 300 pounds and have a significant other partner who is the same, you shouldn’t notice any slack in quality or any difference.

Q: What’s with the size listed on the site? It says 59.5 inches by 79 inches but a queen bed can be 60 inches by 80 inches.

A: It’s not uncommon for the mattress to stick out one or a couple of inches past a bed frame. The overall quality of the frame doesn’t deteriorate and you won’t notice any difference if the mattress is sticking out an inch or more.


So, does this low budget box spring hold up as one of the best-selling box springs on the internet? From our experience, we would definitely say so. The quality of the Zinus 9 inch high profile smart box spring is quite impressive from the ground up. We made sure to thoroughly go over every single detail too, we didn’t leave anything out. We inspected the actual springs themselves, the steel frame, the material in the box spring and more. It’s often hard pressed to find a box spring that excels under an enormous amount of pressure.

There’s different sizes available as well from the same company so if you’re looking for a nice California King sized bed or you’re looking for something small like a Twin XL, there’s different sizes for your mattresses. The packaging and assembly that came with the bed was not only easy to understand but it was easy to assemble as well, which is a huge plus in our book. We hate assembly like I’m sure most of you do. Overall, this is a top notch high quality frame that you’ll come to love.

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